Nazi stamps with swastika over King George VI’s head go on sale at auction

These wartime stamps with a ­swastika over King George VI’s head have emerged for sale at auction.

They were issued during the Nazi ­occupation of the Channel Islands.

After Adolf Hitler’s forces invaded in 1940, bosses ordered new stamps to be made.

But until they were ready existing British ones were used, franked with the Nazi emblem. The stamps are being sold this week by auctioneer Barry Hawkins.

They are part of collection valued at £25,000. Barry, of Downham Market, Suffolk, said: “There are a number of Second World War stamps to do with the German occupation of different countries, including the Channel Islands.”

Six months ago, The Mirror reported a huge stash of Nazi memorabilia, including Adolf Hitler sculptures, was found in secret room in Argentina.

Police carried out a raid on a property in Buenos Aires after discovering that some "illegal" Nazi artifacts had been sold.

According to Nestor Roncaglia, head of the Federal Police, the historical objects had "illegal origin" and were kept in rooms hidden "behind a false wall".

During Nazi rule, the eagle was combined with the swastika to become the national emblem of the Third Reich.

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