New Moon horoscope: What does October’s Libra New Moon mean for you?

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Astronomers understand a new Moon is the first of its 29.05-day lunar phase. This sees the Moon and Sun arriving at the exact same ecliptic longitude. During this monthly occurrence the Moon remains invisible to the unaided eye, although some consider this does not diminish its astrological power.

This month’a New Moon will rise in the skies at exactly 1:39am on Saturday, October 16, in the seventh sign of the Zodiac – Libra.

Those in astrological circles agree this latest New Moon could signal an exciting change for you.

This is thought possible because it is considered capable of kicking-off a cycle during which people can commit to personal goals expressing the positive energies of the sign of the Scales.

As a result, this represents a golden opportunity to improve negotiating skills without compromising principles or needs.

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The early hours of Saturday is also thought to be an occasion to re-balance both relationships and re-evaluate loved ones.

This formidable Libra energy, means there is also a chance to create crucial changes in our lives.

Libra’s life lessons can range from learning to make peace with those in our environment.

Other developments include establishing a restored sense of balance in these tricky times.

So the beginning of this weekend is consequently a time to work on all of these skills.

Libra also has a reputation in astrological circles for having an innate ability to synthesise opposites.

There will most likely be an almost tangible sense of peace and harmony.

However, a delicate balancing act is involved on the road to achieving this, requiring significant commitment and effort from all involved.

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This moment is blessed with injecting a real feeling of crackling creative energy into our lives, and more specifically relationships.

This is therefore a cycle when balancing our close personal friends and family becomes a burning desire.

Anyone planning on conducting negotiations may in particular benefit during this period.

This is because many may feel particularly inclined to be more assertive than usual.

However, some opposition may be required to be overcome first, due to challenging aspects simultaneously taking place.

Therefore you should take care to remember how the route to peace may be ridden with conflict.

Another important thing to note is how the New Moon is involved in a tense configuration.

This finds Earth’s natural satellite forming an Opposition with Retrograde Mars.

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