New Super Yacht Which Can ‘Turn Invisible’ Is Being Designed For Billionaires Who Require Extreme Privacy

Life on the ocean waves just got a lot better for the super-rich.

The super-rich may soon possess “super powers” courtesy of a super-yacht which can “turn invisible.”

It sounds incredible but so too is the fact that one percent of the population holds half the world’s wealth.

To break that figure down into terms we can all hate, that translates as 73 million people owning just a much as the other 7.3 billion have to share.

Who are these 73 million people you may wonder? Well, they’re certainly selfish souls who never paid much attention to Jesus Christ’s parable of the five loaves and two fish, but even these greedy guzzlers and worshippers of Mammon could learn a thing or two from the 62 richest people on the planet.

These plucky 62 philanthropists one and all own as much wealth as the poorer half of the global population combined. Or as they’re so tenderly described, “the bottom half of humanity.”

Yes, sir, the rich are getting richer, and there’s nothing the rich like more than a super-yacht.

And a yacht which can cloak their activities and extreme wealth under the cloak of invisibility is the best yacht of all.

The Mirror reports that the designer behind the billionaires’ ultimate purchase said the “invisible” super-yacht will be capable of completely vanishing into the sea.

The 10-meter Mirage will come with a $250 million price tag and will be completely clad in a reflective glass which has been designed specifically for the purpose of rendering the yacht invisible.

Here’s the science part. The panels will reflect the sea back to onlookers and thus it will appear as if the yacht has vanished.

As well as boasting the ability to appear invisible to the human eye, the yacht will come fully equipped with the usual extras such as a helipad, a cinema, a spa, theatre, and, well, you get the drift.

Designer Pieter Van Geest claims the super-yacht will “disappear between water and sky” and “blend into the horizon.”

“The main reason in designing this yacht was to make something that belonged to its environment. Most yachts nowadays stand out and break the horizon or the landscape, in a way, we have tried to minimize this effect.”

“The color variable mirrored glass is developed by a German glass manufacturer, which has never been used on yachts before. All the vertical panels on the yacht will have this finish.”

“If you were on the water it would probably be invisible from over 50 metres away. If you are on the yacht itself the mirror will project the yacht’s surroundings, so in a way, it will give you a floating on air effect when onboard.”

The bad news for all you rich folk out there who want to sail away into an infinity of privacy far from the maddening crowd is, the Mirage will take about another three and a half years to construct.

But no doubt you have both time and money to spare.

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