Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ Album: The Top 8 Secrets Revealed During Her New Radio Show

Ahead of releasing her album, ‘Queen,’ Nicki Minaj premiered her new Apple Music radio show of the same name. It was FULL of surprises and we’re sharing the top things we learned!

Nicki Minaj, 35, hit the airwaves on August 9 as the host of her very own radio show! As promised, Queen Radio was chock full of surprises. Nicki answered a ton of fan questions, and revealed some never before heard details about her life! At one point, the rapper even announced that she is once again changing the release date of her new album. Here’s what we know:

1. Surprise! Nicki Minaj’s Queen is dropping sooner than expected – much sooner in fact. On her radio show, Nicki let the world know that she was moving up the release date an entire week! We can now expect Queen on August 10 at 12 pm. You ready Barbz?

2. Nicki has friends in high places. The “Chun-Li” rapper was joined by some gal pals on the first episode of her show! From Kim Kardashian to Kelly Rowland, the radio studio was full of A-lister friends.

3. She’s got some iconic features on her new album. In one live phone call, Minaj spoke to legendary rapper Foxy Brown, and confirmed that a collab between the two of them will be on the album. We later learned on Nicki’s Instagram that the song is entitled “CoCo Chanel.”

4. Nicki is really giving. She showered listeners with gifts during the show! The rapper gave away everything from signed albums to tour tickets, and even dished out plane tickets for an upcoming listening party. The queen was very kind to her kingdom!

5. Nicki had some very last minute touches on her album. She let listeners know that she finished recording it just three hours before she went on air! Wow, down to the wire there Nicki!

6. Nicki shared some words of wisdom. One fan asked, “What advice would you have given to your future self?” Nicki knew just what she would have told her younger self! “Don’t take it too personally,” she said, and went on to talk about the impact vicious social media disses, and how she’s learned to let them roll off her shoulder.

7. Nicki MIGHT have a boyfriend! At one point, Nicki told host Zane Lowe that she is “off the market.” But then – when Zane pushed for details, Nicki backtracked her statement, saying she was “just kidding.” Hmmm!

8. The next show is going to be just as epic! After the show ended, Beats 1 Radio tweeted that Minaj will be returning to “go track-by-track through the album and explain the message behind every song.” We’re so ready for this!

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