Noah Centineo Says His Relationship With Lana Condor is "Like Brother and Sister"

To All The Boy I’ve Loved Before super fans who are rooting for Peter and Lara Jean (aka Noah Centineo and Lana Condor) IRL — please have a tissue box at the ready, because I have some very upsetting news for you.

After much speculation as to what exactly is going on between those two crazy kids—they cuddle! They flirt! They gush about each other! — Noah recently told E! what their relationship is really like. And, sad to report that when asked if they had a real life thing going on, Noah responded, “Nah…That’s my homegirl.”

He added,”She’s in a relationship and super happy, he’s an amazing guy and she’s like so over the moon about it…We have such a great connection as it is [but we’re not together] for many reasons, one, I think that we look at each other more like brother and sister, and two, we’re working together. You gotta keep it professional”

Hmmm. I feel like Noah gave so many reasons why he’s NOT dating Lana, he might just be trying to talk himself out of it because he knows that they are M2B…but then again I’ve been known to scream “Noah and Lana 4ever” at the top of my lungs while walking down the street, so I might be biased!

The one silver lining in all this is that Noah said that he is currently single, so if you’re looking to get with the real-life Peter Kavinsky, get on that ASAP.

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