Norm Macdonald Remembered by Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon and More Late Night Hosts in Touching Tributes

Meyers, Fallon and Stephen Colbert recall working with the comedy legend during their stints on “Saturday Night Live.”

The hosts of late night gave touching tributes to Norm Macdonald after the comedy legend passed away on Tuesday at the age of 61 following a secret battle with cancer.

Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, James Corden and more shared heartwarming memories of Macdonald and praised him for being a “comic’s comic.”

Comedy World Devastated by Death of SNL Legend Norm Macdonald

As they both anchored the desk on “Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update, Meyers recalled how Macdonald’s experience influenced him.

“He told me his favorite thing about ‘SNL’ is that it’s the last place on TV where you can bomb. He just didn’t care if he was bombing. If he thought the jokes were good, he had exactly as much fun telling them to a dead audience as one that appreciated them,” Meyers explained. “I think for so many of us, we came up watching Norm, and we thought that we were on the inside with him, when you were watching him tell these jokes that you thought were great, and no one in the room thought was good.”

He also recalled the first time he saw Macdonald at 30 Rockefeller Center, which ended up with Macdonald showcasing his acerbic wit.

“I started at ‘SNL’ in 2001, and I remember one time, Norm walked back into the studio to visit. I don’t remember how old his son was at the time, but his son was young and someone said, ‘Hey Norm, how’s being a dad?’ And he said, ‘It’s going great. Still no abductions.’ That’s the first thing I ever heard him say in-person.”

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Meyers concluded his tribute by saying Macdonald will “continue to be the gold standard ” in comedy.

As another fellow “SNL” alum, Fallon held back tears as he called the late comedian an icon. He also shared one of his favorite jokes Macdonald told about buying dogs decades earlier.

“He was a comic’s comic and everybody loved him, top to bottom,” he added. “He will be missed.”

While Colbert only served as a guest writer for three episodes on “SNL” back in the day, Macdonald still managed to make a huge impression on the “The Late Show” host.

“Norm goes, ‘Come sit with us. Come sit with us,’ and I ended up writing for ‘Weekend Update’ the whole time I was there,” Colbert recalled. “He is, in my opinion, the greatest host of ‘Weekend Update’ they have had. Not to take away from anybody else, but he was my cup of tea.”

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“I liked that he told jokes, that, in the nicest possible way, he didn’t seem to care if the audience liked them,” Colbert continued. “But he liked the joke. They were sometimes dark, sometimes even too dark for me. But they were dark and strange and he had a wonderful presence.”

“I wish I were a good enough comedian to come up with a joke right now about Norm Macdonald having died. But the only comedian I know who could get away with a ‘Norm Macdonald is dead joke,’ is Norm Macdonald,” he added. “And I’m going to miss the fact that there’s nobody left on the planet who can do that, and the comedy world is poorer for it today.”

“So, I hope somewhere up there, or wherever — he’d figure that joke out.”

Corden followed suit by calling Macdonald an “absolute comedy legend” on his own “The Late Late Show.”

“All Norm ever wanted to do was to make us laugh, and he was absolutely brilliant at it. There was nobody quite like him. I felt privileged any time I got to be in his orbit,” Corden said. “He leaves us as one of the all-time great comics, perhaps the single greatest guest in the history of late-night television, I think.”

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien and David Letterman took to Twitter to share their tributes to Macdonald. See below.

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