Nudist ‘likes to please’ with feet snaps and gets marriage proposals on OnlyFans

A naturist has lifted the lid on her newest venture – taking nude snaps for her OnlyFans fanbase.

Diana, who has 84,300 followers on Instagram, discovered the lifestyle around a decade ago.

She set up her own blog, Naturism Girl, where she started sharing jaw-dropping photos and talking about nudism.

Now the Croatian has given Daily Star Online an insight to the marriage proposals she receives on the adults-only subscription website.

She chose OnlyFans to post content because the rules on nudity are relaxed.

In comparison, Instagram prevents users from ditching their clothes and flaunting their bodies.

Diana said: “Most of the photos and videos I share are nudist scenes from nature, but also photoshoots with my friends that are okay with me posting them on OnlyFans.

“Also, I’m sharing posts that I made as a model and that are a little ‘sexier’ than things I post on my Instagram or blog.”

Her OnlyFans page is a mix of photos as a nudist and her as a nude model, as she feels like “it is a place where she can post both types of content”.

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Although the social media page can attract many people, Diana claims she doesn’t really get many kinky requests.

She continued: “All of my fans know what am I posting and what my boundaries are.

"Even if they ask for something kinky that is out of my comfort zone, I would politely tell them no.

“I’m posting nudes, but I am not a porn star, I always try to please my fans.

"For example, I have fans who want to see photos of my feet and I’m always okay with that.”

As well as being popular with foot fetishists, Diana is inundated with marriage proposals.

She remarked: “Haha well, I get a lot of different proposals…

"Some guys want to marry me, some want to buy me a plane ticket to their country, some want to go on a vacation with me.

“Fans are in general very sweet and supportive and they respect me.

"That is the reason why I enjoy spending time on the site, not only for posting but to chat with them.”

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