Offset Loves Cardi B’s High Sex Drive: He Was ‘Turned On’ By Her Sharing Their Naughty Video

Offset isn’t mad about the sex tape controversy he’s facing with Cardi B! In fact, he loves that she shared their naughty video with the world, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Some fans may have thought Cardi B, 25, was oversharing when she posted an X-rated video of her hubby touching her on Instagram, but Offset, 26, was not phased by the PDA clip at all. In fact – the rapper was turned on by the fact his wife wanted the whole world to see! “Offset loves that Cardi is naughty in the bedroom. He gets turned on whenever she posts half naked pics online, or when she shares naughty videos of them fooling around together… he loves all of it,” a source close to the Migos member told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

In the now-deleted video, Cardi was seen smooching her man, as he appeared to slip his hand down her pants. She rocked long pink and blonde hair during the steamy clip, and although the video was short, there was no question as to her message: She was ready for sexy time! “Offset fell in love with Cardi because she is so very sexual. He is glad that she is keeping it real and not letting her fame or success tame or change her wild, sexy style. Offset loves Cardi‘s high sex drive, and that she is always ready to enjoy her man,” the source added.

Cardi captioned the video, “When that 6 weeks up,” referring to the fact that she was 6 weeks past giving birth — the general marker where new moms are given the green light to once again get down in the bedroom. Offset and Cardi are clearly wasting no time! “They are an amazing match and having a baby together has only made Offset more attracted to Cardi. However, because they travel so much for work they don’t get together as much as he would like, so when they do, it is always explosive, and Offset is fine if the whole world sees too.” HollywoodLife has reached out to reps of both stars.

Although Cardi’s carefree post was only live for a few minutes, it was enough time for her fans to catch wind of it, and their reactions were hilarious! “Bruh that cardi b & offset video is a wholeeee mood bruh,” one fan said on Twitter. Cardi swears that nothing too intimate is happening in the clip though. “I wasn’t getting fingered i had LETHER SHORTS ON …. but i wish i was :/I was very very horny,” she tweeted. Clearly, Offset is, too!

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