Optical illusion makes wedding photo look MUCH ruder

Innocent wedding photo goes viral thanks to an unfortunate angle that makes it appear MUCH cheekier than it really is – so can YOU see what the fuss is about?

  • An Imgur user has shared a wedding photo which appears much ruder than it is
  • The image has received over 100,000 views as users try to work out the image 
  • Follows on from an image of two horses eating which looks like two naked men 

A wedding photograph has gone viral after an unfortunate optical illusion has caused netizens to do a double take.

The snap was shared on Imgur by user imdur254 over the weekend and the intriguing image has already garnered plenty of attention receiving over 100,000 views as people attempted to figure out what they were seeing.

The photograph features a bride at her wedding reception, surrounded by guests while she speaks to her groom.

A female guest’s arm takes up the foreground and on a first glance makes it look as though the bride’s bare bum is showing.

The original poster captioned the image: ‘Party in the front, business in the back.’ 

Netizens have been left red faced over this wedding photo with an optical illusion causing the bride to look as though she has a little too much on display

His fellow Imgur users were left equally tickled with one commenting: ‘My 4 year old saw this and said mommy why is her butt out?’

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Another added, ‘Help I don’t know what’s going on’ while a third wrote ‘ya had me there for about half a second.’

This is not the first illusion to leave the web scratching its head with an innocent wildlife snap a few people red in the face earlier this year

Commenters were confused by the innocent picture, which actually shows two horses eating out of a large tyre in the middle of a field.

However, because the tyre partially covers their muzzles, it transforms the shot into two figures with muscular behinds – and you can guess what the ears might look like.

This mind-bending optical illusion requires a double-take to figure it out – can you spot what it actually is?

Several people on the thread shared their x-rated sense of humour: ‘It looks like two naked men sword fighting!’

Another added: ‘My first thought was light-saber battle.’

A third person said: ‘I thought at first it was really well-sculpted asses. Naked and in a NSFW position. Also kind of looks like legs.’

Another person wrote: ‘It took me way too long to figure out what the hell was going on there.’ 

The horse picture follows the recent video clip of what appeared to be a corgi being thrown out of an airplane by its owner, only for it to land in a soft pile of snow. 

Why the long face? This woman enlisted her dog to help create this amusing optical illusion

The corgi’s owner took to Instagram last week to share the clip of her pup, Karma, who appears to fly into the sky for a brief moment after being dropped.

But Karma then promptly lands on a hard surface revealed to be the snowy ground following only a short fall, before running around excitedly.

Several more optical illusions that have baffled internet users include a baby with an adult arm to a dog sawed in half, where the bizarre images use perspective to create scenes that defy the laws of science. 

They were taken by people around the world and uploaded to a gallery on Diply, where they have continued to baffle and confuse thousands of viewers. 

Some come with an explanation as to how the illusion works but others will leave you guessing.  

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