Paul Sinha: Can you beat The Chase quiz maestro and answer questions written by the Chaser

Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown: Paul Sinha opens show

Paul Sinha, known as ‘The Sinnerman’, appears regularly on ITV’s The Chase as one of the six chasers, quizzing competitors since the show’s launch in 2009. However, earlier this year Paul made headlines with the announcement of a new programme: Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown.

Paul Sinha’s TV showdown first aired in early January and is on ITV at 10:15pm every Saturday night.

The TV star uses his excellent quizzing skills and pop culture knowledge to ask two teams questions about what’s been on the box that week.

Fay Ripley and Rob Beckett are the regular team captains, but otherwise the contestants change every week.

Tonight, Tom Allen and Clare Balding will be among the familiar faces answering Paul’s questions on the show.

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It will come as no surprise to fans of Paul’s show that the talented host is an avid quiz fan and wants others to discover the joy of quizzing too.

To encourage more people to try their hand at general knowledge quizzes, Paul has partnered with Speed Quizzing, a quiz tech company.

Speed Quizzing provides trivia content for people to host their own quiz events in pubs and restaurants and, more recently, virtual quizzes from their smartphones or laptops.

Paul’s partnership with the company will see him contribute to the virtual quizzes by writing his own questions, which will cover a range of different topics and will test the brains of even the most experiences, knowledgeable quizzers.

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Paul will also participate in some of the quizzes himself, giving members of the public the opportunity to compete against him.

The TV host said: “I can honestly say I love everything about quizzing, from the highs and the lows that come with winning and losing, through to the camaraderie, banter and competition that exists between players.

“Quizzing taxes your brain while being a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to working with Speed Quizzing to encourage as many people as possible to get involved,” he added. readers have been given the opportunity to try out some of Paul’s questions, ahead of Speed Quizzing’s virtual events with the quiz master.

How many of them can you answer?

Paul’s questions

1. Which strategy board-game is derived from the Indian board-game Pachisi, and derives its single-word name from the Latin for “I play”?

2. The rivers Rhine and Rhône both have their source in which European country?

3. Which country, whose best performance at a FIFA World Cup was to finish third in 2002, has recorded temperatures of minus forty degrees Celsius in late December? Also, putting the word “cold” before the name of this country gives something else much seen in late December.

4. The singers Don Henley and Glenn Frey, and the nickname of the football team who played host to Eric Cantona’s infamous kung-fu kick, are both associated with which predatory bird?

5. Across all of the films ‘Ghostbusters’, ‘Casper’, and ‘Ghost’, who is the only actor, male or female, to have won an Academy Award for their performance?

6. Surprisingly, there have only ever been two UK Number 1 hit singles which share their names with London Underground stations. ‘Waterloo’, by ABBA, is one; which Northern line station, reputed to have the longest escalators in Europe, is the other?


1. Ludo

2. Switzerland

3. Turkey

4. The Eagles

5. Whoopi Goldberg

6. Angel (by Shaggy)

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