People reveal the challenges of living in shared accommodation

And you thought YOUR flatmate was bad! People share horror stories about living in shared accommodation – including a thief who stole a woman’s ASHES

  • People from around the world shared items that have been stolen by roommates
  • Many revealed their expensive belongings and money had gone missing 
  • One woman said the person she was living with stole her underwear as a prank 

Loud music or dirty dishes left in the sink might be enough to drive most flatmates crazy. 

But these horror stories of living in shared accommodation will make your woes pale in comparison. 

People from around the world took to anonymous sharing app Whisper to reveal the extraordinary items that their roommates have chosen to steal.

Among the revelations was a woman who had her underwear stolen as a prank and another who discovered his own mother’s ashes had gone missing.  

People from around the world shared their items that have been stolen while living in shared accommodation on Whisper, including a woman who had her underwear taken

An individual whose mother had died, shared the shock of having a roommate that took her ashes and refused to give it back

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One person confessed they hope to never see their roommate again, after spotting that their fork had been stolen 

Another woman vented fury after the woman who she lives with stole her photos, to pretend to be her online while talking to men

A  US-based woman who was given a dog to aid with disabilities, shared the disappointment of having it unexpectedly taken away

One person was left speculating if their roommate had stolen their sex toys, after the intimate items went missing

Another woman confessed she doesn’t feel guilty for reporting her roommate to the police, after her bank details were stolen

A bride-to-be who had been saving for a wedding, revealed the devastation of having her money stolen without the possibility of being able to make it back 

One person was left squinting after the roommate took their contact lenses because they forgot where they had placed their own

Another woman who had bought herself a pair of diamond earrings, claimed her roommate stole them to fund buying a fizzy drink

A gaming enthusiast revealed they’ve been unable to play since their roommate stole their Xbox while moving out

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