People reveal the worst Secret Santa presents they've ever received

Going straight to the charity shop! People reveal the WORST Secret Santa presents they’ve ever received, from a vajazzle kit to a dieting tool for a pregnant woman

  • UK-based parents have shared the worst gifts ever received during Secret Santa 
  • One person admitted they had been gifted a glow in the dark condom one time 
  • A disgruntled Secret Santa participant said they got smoked salmon from co-op
  • One received a box of chios from the newsagent that was past in sell by date

Buying a Secret Santa gift for a colleague or acquaintance you don’t know very well is admittedly tricky, but some happless gifters have managed to get things unforgettably wrong.  

British parents have shared their hilarious Secret Santa horror stories on Mumsnet, where they bemoaned the terrible presents they’ve received during famiy and work gift exchanges. 

It started after one woman complained about receiving a gift set from Bayliss & Harding, but she may have reconsidered her complaint after the deluge of replies detailing terrible choices.

One person admitted they were gifted a glow-in-the-dark condom during their work Secret Santa, and felt mortified, while another woman, who was pregnant at the time of the exchange, received a dieting fork as a not-so-subtle hint.  

UK parents have shared the worst gifts they ever received during a secret Santa gift exchange at work (stock image)

The thread gathered diverse responses, from people who said they received rubbish gifts after going over budget for the people whose names they had picked.

Some people said it was clear the people who were in charge of getting them gift had just put a minimum of effort in.   

‘Two pack of Dove shower gel. Cheapest item in the Boots 3 for 2,’ one said. 

‘I once got a pack of chocolate Brazil nuts that were 2 years out of date,’ said another. 

Some people said theyir secret Santas put no thought into their gift. Other said they received outlandish gifts which left them mortified, like a glow in the dark condom

‘A packet of smoked salmon purchased from the Co-op round the corner. Not joking,’ another wrote. 

‘Sports Direct socks, with the discount label on them,’ another chimed in.  

‘A box of crisps – you know an actual box like they are sold out of in newsagents and offies -In a flavour I wasn’t  ieen on, also past their sell by date,’ another said. 

‘The worst I’ve ever had was a salad spinner …I was actually quite upset that someone at work thought I was that boring that I would be happy with a salad spinner,’ said one disgruntled commenter. 

Another was irked to receive a small tin of Vaseline lip balm and two individually-wrapped chocolates that ‘looked like they’d been kicking around in someone’s pocket since the previous Christmas’. 

‘I am allergic to Vaseline,’ they added. 

Some people also suggested their coworkers had used gift as a not-so-subtle way to send them a message. 

Some people said their coworkers used the gift to suggest them they needed to lose weight or dress better

‘I was pregnant and got a novelty “diet” fork with oversized gaps in the prongs. The packaging said it was “designed to help you lose weight”.’ one said. 

‘Trinny and Suzannah’s What Not To Wear Book. My dress sense obviously didn’t impress one of my team!,’ said another. 

 Some of the gifts were completely outlandish, with some picks being very inappropriate for a work environment, including one who receive a vajazzle kit. 

I once received a terrifying  foot wooden elf…. I dropped it off at a chafity shop on the way home from work,’ one admitted. 

‘”High intensity sex interval training” book. So either saying I need to get better at sex or I need to lose weight? or both,’ one said.  

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