People share the bizarre texts received from people with wrong number

Sorry, who is this? People share the VERY bizarre messages they received from a wrong number – including one man who was in hospital after ‘setting his derriere on fire’

  • BoredPanda complied list of the strangest texts received from random numbers 
  • Some sent pictures of dog and and another sent a snap of a box of spring rolls
  • One woman was left confused she was told she had to ‘plan Bart’s birthday’

If you’ve ever scribbled someone’s number down in a rush and then texted the wrong number you’ll know just how embarrassing it can be when you have apologise to the unsuspecting recipient.

BoredPanda has compiled a list of some of the most bizarre and amusing messages people have received without any explanation.

One person received an image of a bunch of grapes with the accompanying message ‘Consider this your f****** warning’ before the sender quickly realised their error. 

Another was asked by a stranger what type of cheese they had eaten for lunch because they wanted to go to the shops and buy some.

Here, FEMAIL take a look at the most baffling texts shared online. 

People shared their most surprising exchanges with strangers who had the wrong number, including someone who was in hospital again after ‘Jake’ had an accident

One person was left confused as to who they had upset when they received a picture of a bunch of grapes and a warning 

Cheese was the topic of conversation in this wrong number conversation as one sender requested to know what cheese they had eaten for lunch 

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Another recipient thought they had hit the jackpot when they received a picture featuring dozens of spring rolls but sadly the sender wasn’t willing to share 

Some of the messages were demanding, with one seemingly irritated person requesting they plan a birthday party for Bart. The person on the receiving end of the message was less than pleased with the text

Cristina received a baffling but equally amusing message from Rebecca which was destined for someone called Joe. Unfortunately Cristina was unable to shoe Rebecca’s mule

Intended recipient Dave avoided an angry text exchange for a few extra minutes after the sender sent their messages to the wrong number 

Sweet little Bailey was a fantastic surprise for one person but sadly the text praising the pooch was not intended for them

One innocent person was quick to respond to messages to let them know they had the wrong number but got a little more than they bargained for when it sparked anger in the sender who soon realised they were off by one digit

Andrea and Don delivered some incredible news but sadly their message was sent to the wrong person, the recipient was certainly pleased for them though 

Perhaps between family this message would have made sense, but the unsuspecting person who received it was certainly confused

Mary was clearly having some regret about her actions the night before and decided the best thing to do was apologise but ended up sending the apology to the wrong person

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