Pete Davidson ‘Disgusted’ Over Mac Miller Hoax & Fears It Will Push Ariana Grande Further Away

The viral rumor accusing Pete David of taunting Mac Miller with intimate pics of Ariana Grande has left the ‘SNL’ star sick to his stomach. We’ve also EXCLUSIVELY learned that Pete fears this hoax will prevent him from reconciling with Ari.

In the latest case of “the Internet was a bad idea,” social media was set on fire with a hoax claiming Pete Davidson “sent intimate photos with Ariana [Grande] to Mac Miller as a way to end the rapper’s hopes about her.” This hoax – aka a lie – caught on fire because it’s the Internet, land of #FakeNews, and the whole scandal has left Pete shaking his head in dismay. “Pete is disgusted that somebody would be cruel enough to make up a hoax about him sending intimate photos of Ariana to Mac Miller,” a source close to Pete EXCLUSIVELY tells “Pete is already going through a really difficult time with his break up and the last thing he needs is an internet troll getting some sort of weird kick out of using his name in such a heartless way.”

If being accused of sending “intimate” photos of a man’s ex to him right before he died from a suspected overdose wasn’t being bad enough, this hoax may drive a wedge even further between Pete and Ariana. “He has still been holding onto the hope of reconciling with Ariana at some point,” the source tells, “and he feels that even though this was just a cruel prank, he is furious at the thought that this might push Ariana away even more. Pete would never do anything like that to Mac and he thinks people are just trying to kick him when he’s already down.”

It’s unclear who started this rumor. When Ariana and Pete called off their engagement and ended their four-month romance, many of her fans came to their defense. “i feel so bad for ariana right now. she’s literally had so much shit this year none of which she deserved. if you even have the nerve to attack or joke about ariana and pete rn unfollow me,” one said, while others argued that they shouldn’t turn the breakup into “a trending party.” Others, however, celebrated the breakup. “THANK GOD ARI AND PETE SPLIT HE WAS SUCH A DICK,” one tweeted. So, while it’s unclear who started the “Intimate photos to Mac” lie, it’s easy to see why it went viral.

Mac’s death was one of the factors behind Ari and Pete’s breakup, but it wasn’t the sole cause. Arian’s still struggling over the 2017 Manchester bombing outside her concert, and she “needs time to heal,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY told “They just genuinely decided that it’s best right now for them to be apart.”

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