Pete Davidson Vows To Be An ‘Open Book’ About Ariana Grande On ‘SNL’: All Bets Are Off

Pete Davidson won’t be holding back about his breakup with Ariana Grande on ‘SNL’! A source close to Pete told HL EXCLUSIVELY that he wants to make jokes about his split!

Pete Davidson will not be shying away from bringing up his failed engagement to Ariana Grande while he’s on SNL. A source close to Pete told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about how although he was hesitant at first to bring up his split on-air, that reluctance is now gone. “At first he didn’t want to address his breakup and wanted to protect Ariana from any jokes,” our source said. “But he has told the cast to pitch anything for a sketch or to talk about it on Weekend Update anyway they’d like.”

When it comes down to it, making jokes about his split will help him get through it all. “He wants to make jokes about it and if Ariana can’t take a joke then so be it,” our source went on to say. “He is taking things as if it isn’t his problem. He has to live his life and he gets through pain with comedy and he is going to be an open book and allow people to rib on him throughout the show if they choose to.”

This news comes right after Ariana roasted Pete for making a joke in an SNL promo about their split. “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh,” she tweeted. She also wrote, “thank u, next.” And this was all in response to Pete asking the show’s musical guest for Nov. 4, Maggie Rogers, if she wanted to get married in the show’s promo. After she turned him down, Pete responded, “0 for three.” We’ll keep you posted on all of the latest news surrounding Pete and Ariana’s breakup. In the meantime, check out the complete timeline of their relationship in our gallery above.

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