Photographer captures strangers who are unrelated but almost identical

They say everyone has a twin! Jaw-dropping portraits capture people who look so alike it’s impossible to believe they’re not related

  • François Brunelle, from Quebec, Canada, photographed identical strangers 
  • His project I Am Not a Look-Alike started in 2004 and spans 16 years of research 
  • Chased couple of look-alikes or doppelgangers around the globe for gallery 

Tradition wisdom has it that everyone has a ‘twin’ somehwere in the world, and one photographer has proved it’s true with an incredible portrait series spanning 16 years. 

François Brunelle, from Quebec, Canada, immortalises strangers who look so similar they could be siblings for his I’m Not A Look-Alike project. 

In 2004 he met his first pair of look-alikes and photographed them together and has since pictured more than 250 incredibly similar pairings from all over the world.  

The photographer started by photographing people he knew who looked similar, but as his project grew, more and more contacted him wanting to take part with their doppelgangers, or directing him to ‘twin strangers’ they know. 

Here, Femail reveals a selection of François’ most recent portraits of people so alike it’s hard to believe they’re not related. 

For years, Quebecois photographer François Brunelle has been immortalising look-alikes, strangers who are not related, but could be siblings. Elisa Berst (left) and Corinne Barois, who were photographed in Paris, France, in 2010 look so similar they could be sisters 

A winning pair: Nuno Filipe Mendes Godhino (left) and Miguel Gonçalo Costa Silvestre (right) from Lisbon, Portugal, share the same smile and affable expression 

Even the eyebrows and smiles of Luisa López (left) and Daniela Rincón (right) were perfectly similar when Francois photographed them in Bogotá, Colombia in 2014

Pictured from the left:  Martine Chase and Donmar Williams, photographed in Weehaken, New Jersey, in 2011, share very similar smiles

Agnes Loonstra (left) and Ester Scholter have similar mouths and eyes. They were photographed in Ulrecht in 2015

Charles Hall Chasen (left) and Michael Malone, who were photographed in 2014 in Atlanta, share very similar features

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