Playboy model says she was ‘kicked out of Airbnb for being too hot’

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Miss BumBum star and Playboy model Suzy Cortez claims she was kicked out of an Airbnb for being "too hot".

Suzy, 31, from Brazil, had booked to stay at a house in São Paulo in January 2022 but claims that after meeting the host, they kicked her out and threw her belongings in the bin.

She had booked the property to stay in while visiting family in the city while her own apartment was under construction, but the trip quickly turned sour, with Suzy claiming to suffer from “hot girl phobia”.

The brunette beauty says she was “too hot” for the host who “persecuted” her because of her looks.

She also claims that the host entered the property during her stay and removed her belongings.

According to Suzy, the host had complained about her clothing – specifically taking offence to a pair of workout leggings – before cancelling her booking.

She claims he then threw her belongings in the bin and accused her of breaking into the home, and the model was forced to call the police for support.

“I was startled when the host entered the property I was on and took my belongings and threw them in the trash – he only came in because I suffer persecution for being too pretty,” Suzy said.

The model contacted Airbnb after receiving an email from them saying her booking had been cancelled as they “could not support” the reservation.

In response, on 31 January, Suzy wrote: “So from the second day I started to receive complaints about my gym clothes, which by the way were leggings, the host simply said that I would have to leave the apartment, because it was inhabited by familiar people and not like me.

“This is the biggest prejudice and nightmare I've ever lived, the owner claims that I broke his apartment so I called the police and there it is verified that there is nothing broken, just the closet door which was a super old furniture that fell and I warned him.

“I am extremely embarrassed and psychologically shaken. Where would a trip to see my parents turn into a horror movie."

The model also told Airbnb that she later returned to the property with the police to collect her belongings and passport, all of which she found stuffed into "garbage bags".

Suzy also claims her Airbnb profile was taken down amidst the drama.

In an email to the rental company, she added: “I had to go out on the street, doing absolutely nothing and having all my belongings in a garbage bag.

“As well as the apartment in perfect condition, and all my things in the garbage bag!

“Even the police themselves thought it was absurd, it wasn't for lack of contact with you because I called countless times to report the cancellation, the reasons that nothing was resolved!

“I am now at total loss and psychologically shaken. Being me the victim of all this, why? Prejudice because I'm famous, or have been on the covers of Playboys all over the world?”

After investigating, Airbnb issued Suzy with a full refund (R$4,952.71 BRL) on 3 February and her profile was restored.

The model is planning to sue Airbnb but has not yet taken legal action.

Daily Star has contacted Airbnb for comment.

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