Playboy star kicked off Southwest Airlines flight for revealing outfit

Playboy model who was kicked off a Southwest Airlines plane with her seven-year-old son because of her revealing outfit accuses staff of ‘discrimination’ – insisting she was ‘humiliated’ over the size of her boobs

  • Eve J Marie had just boarded a flight from Dallas, Texas, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, on October 29, when flight attendants asked her and her son to leave the plane 
  • According to the Instagram star, staff told her that her low-cut leopard print ensemble violated the airline’s dress code policy, which bans ‘lewd’ outfits 
  • Eve, who says she spends $90,000 a year with Southwest, claims that flight attendants ‘discriminated’ against her because of the size of her chest 
  • She added that flight attendants were unable to agree on what the dress code policy entails, and she is demanding that the airline issue a public apology
  • The mother and her son were eventually allowed back on the plane, but only after she used a flight attendant’s sweater to cover herself up 
  • Eve was also told she had to sit in the front row so that the other passengers could not see her outfit  

A mother-of-one has been left ‘humiliated, embarrassed and highly offended’ after getting kicked off her flight due to her revealing outfit.

Eve J Marie, 26, was flying from Dallas, Texas, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, alongside her seven-year-old son on Thursday, October 29 with Southwest Airlines, when the flight attendants asked her to step off the plane.

The Instagram influencer and Playboy model was wearing a low-cut leopard print outfit that showed off her ample cleavage, which the crew claimed was against the dress code policy.

Fury: Playboy model Eve J Marie has slammed Southwest Airlines after she was kicked off a flight for wearing a revealing leopard print outfit 

Accusations: The 26-year-old, who was flying from Dallas to Tulsa with her seven-year-old son, says staff ‘discriminated’ against her because of the size of her breasts 

Eve documented her experience on Instagram, sharing a clip of herself at the airport preparing to board her flight, before posting a follow-up video in which she hit out at the airline for what she says was ‘discriminatory’ treatment. 

‘When they threatened to remove me off the plane if I didn’t have a change of clothes,’ Eve told Jam Press. ‘I felt completely humiliated, embarrassed and highly offended.

‘I’m an A list member for [Southwest Airlines] and have a credit card with the airline and I have perks that allow any person travelling with me to fly free because of my high status with the airline.

‘So even as being a loyal customer with them, I felt like the other women on the plane were judging me based on my attire and they were saying my breasts are too large. Well, that’s something I can’t help.’

Eve claims that the only person willing to offer her any kindness was an ‘African American attendant’, who she did not name, explaining that the employee gave her a heads up that the other crew members had called security and were planning to pull her aside.

The mom said: ‘When the African American attendant called me over and told me they had called somebody to inform me of needing to change my clothes or be removed, I was so surprised. 

‘The attendant herself apologized. This flight was my layover and the first flight said nothing, so if this was truly the policy then why was I not informed before I even boarded the first flight? 

‘I was scared that they would have left me stranded in Dallas when I was headed to Tulsa.

‘At least, return me back to the airport I departed from in the beginning.

‘I didn’t have anything to change into so that same flight attendant gave me her work sweater to place on top of my chest.

‘In the end, I was forced to sit on the plane in front of all the other passengers with her work sweater across my chest.

‘This attendant advised me to contact corporate when I land.’

Eve says that she spends $90,000 a year with SWA and has taken over 32 trips with the airline in 2020 – having worn the same outfit on some of these flights. 

After complaining to Southwest Airlines’ head office, Eve says she was awarded a $100 credit as compensation, however the Playboy model insists that is not enough, and she is now demanding a public apology from the company. 

Unfair? ‘I felt like the other women on the plane were judging me based on my attire and they were saying my breasts are too large. Well, that’s something I can’t help,’ Eve said

Making amends: Eve is demanding a public apology from Southwest Airlines, and she is also calling for the company to implement ‘better diversification training’ 

She said: ‘I was completely upset and embarrassed at how I was treated. Nobody could tell me what exactly their ‘dress code policy’ was.

‘I called corporate and they apologized and awarded me $100 flight credit.

‘They also wanted me to send in a documented email so they can investigate more, but I have not done that yet.

‘The [Southwest Airlines] policy on clothing says nothing about dress code except “lewd”… in which I was not that.

‘In the end, $100 credit isn’t enough for the humiliation and discrimination I received on that flight. This all happened in front of my child.

‘I was completely singled out for a policy none of the employees could explain.

‘I would like better diversification training, a clear and fair dress code policy that is the same across all SWA flights, a public apology, and those responsible held accountable.’ has reached out to Southwest Airlines for comment. 

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