Pranksters startle public by re-creating The Matrix – despite not seeing film

The Matrix is an iconic film of the 90’s with the latest installation of the franchise due to come out just before Christmas.

So one pair thought it would be a good idea to dress up like characters from the blockbuster – despite even watching the film.

Donning black leather and vinyl jacket’s the pair set off on their The Matrix inspired trip around London.

And, of course they recorded the gaffe for all to see.

Posting to TikTok under the username @issosaph ,the woman explained in the clip via text: “We went around London as The Matrix and stayed in character.”

Hilariously, the pair branded themselves as the whole universe of 'The Matrix' – instead of individual characters.

Looking past their blunder, the pair first started off aboard the tube staring into their reflection in the window – whilst sporting some very small lensed The Matrix themed glasses.

The pair then pull out a red and a blue fake gun each- we guess that they were referencing the blue and red pills from the film.

Taking robotic strides, the woman sporting her vinyl jacket walks amongst the aisles of supermarket M&S.

Staying in ‘character’ the woman abruptly chooses some tuna fishcakes off of the shelf.

She then quickly turns and maintains serious glare to the camera.

Then the pair go to a candlelit dinner “where no one else was dressed up” as the lad maintains the very stern robotic stare.

To finish off their loosely The Matrix inspired antics, the woman mechanically walks up to the touch-in oyster card machine, taps her card and marches off.

At the end of the video, the pair admitted that they had “never seen The Matrix.”

Since being posted, the video has racked up 99,000 views and 14,000 likes.

Giggling at the pair's attempt, people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on their budget adaption to the Sci-fi film.

One person mocked: “ ‘We’ve never seen the matrix’…couldn’t tell by the robot walk.”

Another user added: “It’s the matrix not the Sims.”

Whilst a third person joked: “You got the spirit, nothing else but at at least there’s that.”

Someone else remarked: “This is the kind of brilliant stupidity I need in my life with someone.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user said: “100% should have gone up to people with blue and red M&Ms.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the couple’s re-enactment!

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