Prince Harry Doting On Meghan Markle More Than Ever — The Sweet Ways He Makes Her Feel Spoiled

Prince Harry is behaving pretty princely in the husband department! A source close to Meghan told HL EXCLUSIVELY how he’s treating her in the months following their wedding!

Prince Harry is totally doting on Meghan Markle, and honestly, husbands everywhere should be taking note on how he treats her. A source close to Meghan told us EXCLUSIVELY how Harry is lavishing her. “Harry has been pampering Meghan more than ever,” our source said. “She’s been raving about how he’s only become more attentive and loving since they got married. He has fresh flowers delivered every single week, usually her favorite peonies. Meghan says that alone makes her feel so spoiled.”

And in addition to all the flowers, Harry is lavishing her with some amazing massages. “And she says he gives her the most amazing foot rubs when they stay in and watch their favorite TV shows,” our source went on to say. “Meghan still can’t get over how incredibly lucky she is to have found this man.”

When it comes down to it, Prince Harry’s best treat was arranging for her mom to cross the pond for a trip. “But probably the sweetest and most thoughtful thing he’s done so far was arrange to have her mom come over,” our source added. “It was his idea to invite her to come stay for as long as she wants. Meghan and her mom are both very cautious not to be pushy but Harry insisted on it, he wants Meghan to have her mom with her. It’s his way of trying to make her happy after all the terrible drama with her father.” We reported earlier how Meghan surprised Harry on their wedding day with her gorgeous 15-foot veil. In addition, Meghan’s “something blue” was stitched into the veil, which was a piece of blue fabric from their first date.

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