Prince William's Newest Accolade Has Twitter Fans Enraged

Prince William is known for many things, including for his love of charitable endeavors and his dedication to his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and their three young children. In recent days, however, the royal has made headlines for a brand-new reason.

A recent study ranked Prince William, who is in line to the throne of England after his father, Prince Charles, as the world’s “sexiest bald man.” While this news might be music to his ears, many fans on the internet were less than thrilled with the study’s results and took to Twitter to express their outrage. 

Prince William is the future monarch of England

Prince William, also known as the Duke of Cambridge, has been in the public eye since he was an infant. As the eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Prince William was born into a life of privilege — but he has always been aware of the incredible pressure and responsibility that rests on his shoulders.

Educated in the finest schools in England and often by his father’s side at royal events and engagements, Prince William learned early on that public opinion is of great importance to members of the royal family.

Prince William has been a fan favorite for decades, with many royal followers choosing him as their all-time favorite royal. While he has experienced his fair share of negative headlines and press coverage, he has by and large remained unscathed by the harsher headlines — headlines that have often plagued his father, Prince Charles. 

Prince William was recently named the ‘sexiest bald man’

In late March, a UK-based cosmetic surgery company named Longevita conducted a study that sought to analyze how many times high-profile bald men were searched on the internet in connection with the word “sexy.” Their findings determined that Prince William is the winner, being described as “sexy” 17.6 million times, according to US Weekly.

This news may have come as a bit of a thrill to Prince William himself — that is if he was made aware of the study at all. However, certain fans were not happy with the study results, taking to Twitter to express their displeasure, and discussing the celebs that they think should have been granted the title.

In an op-ed piece for The Guardian, columnist Arwa Mahdawi makes the case that the “study” was hardly scientific and its methodology is not legit.

Manipulating survey questions so they generate the result you want is something of a dark art. It may be morally suspect, but I can respect the craft behind it. So I’m disappointed to report that the hair transplant people didn’t put the slightest bit of effort into making their study seem credible. It seems someone just Googled “sexy” next to a bald man’s name and looked at how many results came up. If you Google my name next to “billionaire genius”, 22,100 results come up; that doesn’t mean I’m a billionaire. Anyway, despite the obvious flaws in the methodology, the Sun picked up the story and a number of other outlets followed suit.

How has Twitter reacted to the news that Prince William is the ‘sexiest bald man’?

As reported by Us Weekly, many fans questioned the survey results on social media, with one fan writing “he’s not even fully bald! I think there’s been money exchanged under a table somewhere.” Another Twitter user posted: “Have these people seen The Rock? Are they blind or what? If you put William alongside The Rock, I’ll pick The Rock any time.”

The Rock himself even joined in on the conversation, pointing out how Larry David should have been a top contender for the title of “sexiest bald man.”

Multiple fans expressed the opinion that actor Stanley Tucci should have been given the title, with one writing: “Stanley Tucci has not been making us beverages all quarantine on Instagram for some article to call Prince William the sexiest bald man. I’m irritated.”

Ultimately, it seems as though many more people have opinions about attractive bald men than the operators of the Longevita study might have ever anticipated. 

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