Princess Charlotte Takes After Queen Elizabeth By Learning To Horseback Ride

Three-year-old Princess Charlotte is already taking after her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, by learning to horseback ride. According to Harpers Bazaar, the only daughter of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton began her training at just 18 months old.

Princess Charlotte has reportedly had a love for horses from the time she was an infant. Her mother, an avid lover of horses in her own right, encourages her daughter to ride horses.

Paralympic Equestrian Natasha Baker spoke to Middleton about her daughter’s penchant for horseback riding at an event at Buckingham Palace. “I asked her how the children were and she said Charlotte is really enjoying her riding. [She] emphasized that Charlotte has this passion about horses and although she doesn’t echo it, she’ll do her best to champion and encourage it.”

Though Middleton herself isn’t an avid rider, Princess Charlotte will find kinship in several members of the royal family who are. In addition to Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter, and her daughter Zara Tindall are trained equestrians. Prince William is also a regular polo player and is often seen on horseback during games. Additionally, Princess Charlotte’s older brother, Prince George, has also begun horseback riding.

Though Princess Charlotte is only three, she has been described by her mother as the boss. As Harpers Bazaar reported last year, Middleton has said her daughter

“She said that Charlotte is growing up really fast. She is the one in charge,” said Samantha Burge, after speaking with the Duchess during a royal engagement. “We have both got two-year-olds and they are ruling the roost. It was a bit of a mummy chat.”

Despite this, Burge added, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, 5, are “becoming really good friends.”

While Princess Charlotte has an eye for horseback riding, Prince George is reportedly set to begin ballet class. He currently attends school at St. Thomas’s Battersea. When he returns to school this year, his curriculum will include things like swimming and ballet lessons. The school plans to teach its students “physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality,” to prepare them for the world.

The reports about the children’s training come amid the news that Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t have custody of their children. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Queen Elizabeth has custody over minor royals per a law put in place in 1717 by King George. However, the queen considers this rule as more of a formality and tries to respect the wishes of her grandson.

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