Princess Diana used clever tricks to keep her tiaras perfectly intact all day

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We’re all well aware that the royals have their fashion tricks down to a T right now, with Kate’s non slip tights, weights in her hem lines and Meghan wearing a shoe size too big to avoid blisters.

But it turns out, the late Princess Diana had a few tricks up her sleeve well before the Duchess’ became part of the royal family and it makes so much sense.

Ever wondered how Diana keeps her tiara intact all day long? Well, we have all the inside scoop for you.

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The royal family are known for their impeccable dress sense with royal fans obsessing over every outfit Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wear and their love for The Queen's bright outfits, and it’s safe to say they also loved Princess Diana’s fashion sense too, but it’s her tiara’s that had us intrigued.

The late royal wore tiaras quite often so it was natural she came up with a little trick. Apparently she wrapped blonde coloured ribbon at the bottom of her tiaras to keep her tiaras intact all day ensuring the ribbon colour matches her hair so they blended into her hair easily.

Diana was also known to mix and match darker fabrics too so it looked more natural and even used this trick on her wedding day.

One of her favourite tiaras, which was a wedding gift from The Queen called the Lovers Knot, was so heavy it gave Diana headaches but she continued to wear it anyway like a true fashionista – Kate Middleton was also spotted wearing it back in 2019.

Another favourite of hers was the tiara she wore on her wedding day which was passed down from her family – her two older sisters and her grandmother also wore it on their big day.

The Spencer tiara only dates back to the 1930's but was crafted using jewels that already belonged to her family. Princess Diana wore it on many occasions after her wedding day and still remained in her jewellery box even after her divorce.

That wasn’t the only trick the late Princess of Wales had, she also sewed combs into her hat so that they wouldn’t fly off her head in the wind particularly when walking off a plane.

Other royal family members have since copied that handy little hack and Kate Middleton has even been seen to wear a hair net around her updos so it stays immaculate no matter the weather.

So there you have it, a few of Princess Diana’s fashion secrets we should all learn from…

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