‘The Resident’ Recap: Nic Is Investigated After Lily Kendall’s Autopsy Results Come In

From a patient being set on fire to an investigation into the potassium overdose that killed Lily Kendall — SO much happened on episode 11 of ‘The Resident!’ Get caught up here!

After Conrad and Nic arrive at work, someone tells the resident that Dr. Bell has taken over the surgery of Conrad’s patient after the scheduled surgeon called out sick. Conrad rushes to see him, but it’s no use. Dr. Bell has accidentally lit the patient on fire after using the cauterizing tool. Conrad makes it there in time to help put the fire out while the sprinklers go off. If you think that’s insane, just wait until you read what else went down on episode 11 of The Resident.

Conrad meets TJ, the patient who was caught on fire. The teen explains that he’s been bullied over the tumor on his neck and can’t believe that he now has a giant burn where it used to be. Conrad explains that plastic surgery is an option, and that his sense of humor would translate well to video blogging.

TJ later starts suffocating, and Conrad realizes the burns are compressing his trachea. Since burned flesh has no sensation, he doesn’t need anesthesia before Conrad cuts into his neck, allowing TJ to breathe again.

Later, the patient finds a way to hack into the hospital’s surveillance system and finds the footage from his operation. He mixes an autotune song over top of it that pokes fun at him being set on fire. The video then goes viral, which causes a public relations issue for the hospital, but a good laugh for Conrad. “Thanks man. You changed my life,” TJ tells Conrad after the doctor praises him for his work. Later, we find out a web company offered TJ a partnership, so at least something good came out of the horrific surgical accident.

After TJ is set on fire, Claire, the CEO of Chastain, launches an investigation into Dr. Bell. She starts off by asking Dr. Mina Okafor what happened in the OR. Mina tells Claire that the fire was started because the oxygen under the patient’s mask was pooling and that it wasn’t Bell’s fault.

Later, Claire asks Okafor if she’s head of people calling Dr. Bell “HODAD” or, “the hands of death and destruction.” The surgeon has reservations about being a snitch, but Claire convinces her that she needs to speak up in order to save future patients. She then tells the CEO every mistake Bell has made in surgery in exchange for remaining anonymous.

Claire brings a board together to discuss her findings and accuses the chief of surgery for causing several fatal errors throughout his tenure. Claire pulls up footage from the surgery of TJ being set on fire, not realizing that Dr. Bell has been crafting an alibi all along. He asks Dr. Chu, the anesthesiologist, to explain the cause of the fire. Chu blames the fire on an old machine, which he asked to have replaced when Claire started at Chastain. Claire tries to defend her decision by saying it wasn’t cost effective, which causes the board to think she would rather choose money over patient safety.

Devon takes on various patients in the ER. His first is a woman who is afraid that she might be poisoned because she swallowed mouthwash. He continues speaking with her, and she complains of more and more symptoms. Devon eventually comes to the conclusion that she’s a hypochondriac with depression and gives her a prescription for an over-the-counter medication.

The doctor’s next patient is a little girl named Luca who shoved a marble up her nose. He solves the crisis easily thanks to the ingenious use of a catheter. Then, he needs to take care of an old man who believes he has snakes in his throat. He pretends to take the snake out of the man, which placates the patient.

Another doctor realizes the hypochondriac patient is still sitting in the hospital, even though Devon discharged her. She tells him that thinks she has cancer, so he decides to refer her to Lane, since she definitely won’t leave without seeing an oncologist.

Nic is put on leave because Lily Kendall’s family is suing the hospital after her death. She later meets with the risk management board to explain her experience with Lily. She believes Hunter gave her too much chemo, but they tell her the results of the autopsy – Lily didn’t die from chemo; she died of a potassium overdose.  The bag of potassium Nic hung for Lily the night she died killed her.

Nic is positive that she set the flow rate to drip slowly throughout the night, but the records show that Lily received the entire dose in 30 minutes. The nurse enlists Conrad and Devon to help her find proof that she’s not to blame for the patient’s death. Nic and Devon draw blood from all of Lane’s other patients to find out if any of them are being mistreated too.

Lane is telling the board of investigators that Nic was on duty the night Lily died, and she was the person who set the flow rate. She also convinces them not to let Conrad give his testimony — despite being the last person to see Lily alive — because he’s “biased” due to his romantic relationship with the nurse. Upon finding out why his interview was cancelled, Conrad goes to the CEO and tries to convince her that Lane is up to something and is trying to frame Lily’s death on Nic. Claire thinks he’s being absurd and refuses to listen to his “allegations.”

Devon gets the results of the blood tests back and finds out that all of Lane’s patients are as healthy as can be expected. However, Nic trusts that she didn’t mess anything up and realizes that Lane set her up. “I think she pretended to leave then double backed to change the flow rate,” she explains to Conrad, who believes her. Conrad confronts Lane, who gets incredibly angry at him for accusing her of mistreating her patients. “I will end you without hesitation,” she threatens him.

Nic is called into the CEO’s office, where she finds Dr. Bell. He tells her that he’s now taken over the position, before firing her. Now that Dr. Bell is in charge of the hospital and Nic is gone, what’s next for Chastain?!

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