Restaurant owners leave hilarious responses to bad reviews online

That’ll leave a bad taste! Restaurant owners share their VERY cutting responses to customer reviews – including telling one critic to ‘stop whingeing’

  • Restaurant owners from across UK have been responding to bad reviews online
  • Takeaway Trauma on Instagram has shared the brutally honest comments  
  • It includes one who said they gave food to dog because it was ‘disgusting’ 
  • An owner ranted about people being ‘greedy’ and ordering ‘too many toppings’ 

Restaurant owners have shared their very cutting and brutal responses to negative reviews left online by disappointed customers. 

The Instagram account Takeaway Trauma, which is based in the UK, has been posting the responses since it was launched in September last year, Bored Panda reported

One reviewer said they gave the food to their dog because it was ‘absolutely disgusting’, with the owner responding to say that they were pleased the food wasn’t wasted.   

Restaurant owners have been sharing their very cutting and brutal responses to negative reviews left online by disappointed customers. 

One reviewer complained of his pizza being ‘burnt’, with the restaurant owner responding by calling out people being ‘greedy’ and ordering ‘too many toppings’ 

Woops! Another user accused an ‘animal re-homing centre’ of being ‘tight on pizza toppings’ with ‘very slow’ service 

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Another restaurant owner told a reviewer to get a Covid-19 test after they complained that their food was ‘bland’, ‘rubbery’ and ‘had no flavour’ 

When someone else complained that their food being ‘freezing cold’, the restaurant owner said they were lucky to ‘get a delivery at 3am’

One user rated a restaurant one star under the name ‘George Complainer’ and said the bad review was ‘just for their attitude’

Another complained the restaurant’s food was ‘nothing like’ the food in Cambodia, but the owner called the review ‘curious’ because their wife is Cambodian

One owner told a reviewer to ‘open your eyes and read the descriptions’ after she complained about prawns being in her ‘special sweet and sour’ dish

Mamma Mia! Another restauranteur was stunned when a reviewer complained of receiving half a pizza when they ordered a calzone

One owner stated that he had CCTV which had recorded a diner’s bad behaviour as he responded to her complaints 

Another restaurant brutally responded that a diner’s ‘house stinks’ after they said that their food was ‘freezing and horrible’ 

One restaurant owner begged a customer to stop ordering from their pizzeria because they complained ‘every single time’ 

Another said a reviewer ‘must be from the royal family’ after they dropped two stars from their review for missing sauce 

A restaurant insisted their delivery driver had ‘tried calling’ a grumpy customer multiple times to try to deliver a kebab but the number was ‘wrong’ 

A restaurant explained to a customer that ‘Margarita pizza is cheese and tomato’ after they complained their pizza was ‘tomato purée smothered all over the base and cheese on top’ 

Another restaurant owner explained that they didn’t leave the food in the ‘enclosed porch’, despite social distancing instructions because ‘there was a fox’ watching nearby 

Another reviewer simply said that the restaurant had the ‘worst duck ever’, while the restaurant responded that ‘worst people get worst duck’ 

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