Revealed! Kids that had the last laugh

Kids do the funniest things! Parents reveal the funny tricks played by their children – including one who whipped up a batch of ‘brown E’s’

  • Parents from across globe shared funniest pranks their children have played
  • The amusing snaps have been collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda
  • Include one girl who made literal ‘brown-e’s’ and another who dressed up pooch 

They say parents need eyes in the back of their heads – and these mischievous children prove exactly why.   

This hilarious online gallery, collated by Shareably, showcases some of the most amusing pranks youngsters from around the globe have played on their families.

Among the jokers include one who decided to bake literal brown e’s, and another who dressed up as an old man to visually convey how long he had been waiting to receive a present.

Meanwhile, a Harry Potter fan added the word ‘Dumble’ to her bedroom door – proving that it’s the smallest things that can have maximum impact.

A literal interpretation! While these brown-e’s may not be as tasty as the real deal, they certainly are more amusing

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Got my eyes on you! This five-year-old, from an unknown location, added googly eyes to her aunt’s tattoo – with rather amusing results

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