‘RHONJ’s Joe Giudice Will Likely Be Deported Directly From Prison With No Chance To See His Kids

Joe Giudice is due to finish his prison term soon and sadly could be deported back to Italy immediately without even being able to say goodbye to wife Teresa and their four daughters. A lawyer tells us why.

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice will finish up serving his 41 month sentence on bankruptcy fraud in April, but he’s not going to be set free to go home to his family. Instead, an immigration judge in Oct. of 2018 ordered that he be deported back to his native Italy upon completion of his sentence. “There will most likely be on immigration hold. He will be transported to ICE. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). He will then be processed through something called ‘deportation and removal proceedings,” Peter G. Aziz, New Jersey State Criminal Attorney tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Even worse, he likely won’t even be able to go home and pack up possessions and say goodbye in person to wife Teresa and their four daughters, ranging in age from 10 to 18. “Joe’s family will most likely not be able to give him his belongings or vice versa.” Peter tells us. Wow, harsh! “Joe could have an immigration court hearing, but will most likely be sent back to his country,” Peter tells us when we asked him what his lawyers could do to help him tie up loose ends in the U.S. And authorities are going to make sure he gets to Italy, as Peter explains “An ICE agent will most likely accompany him on the flight.”

Teresa reportedly revealed during the RHONJ season 9 reunion taping that she and Joe will go their separate ways if he’s forced to leave the U.S. permanently. A source close to the 46-year-old told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that “Joe is fighting hard to stay in the states, but Teresa, who used to be in denial about everything, realizes he very well could get deported to Italy and she’s telling friends and family that under no circumstances will she go or let her girls go,”

Our insider continued, “It would break Teresa’s heart to see her daughters’ father move to Italy, but Teresa feels it’s in all of their best interest to keep their lives as normal in Jersey. She is preparing for what life will look like without Joe in it and although that’s not ideal, she knows she needs to be prepared for whatever lies ahead.” Maybe that explains why Teresa was photographed holding hands and flirting with 26-year-old New Jersey realtor Blake Schreck during a Miami getaway recently.

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