‘RHONY’: Leah McSweeney Lashes Out At Ramona Singer Over Her ‘Phony’ Behavior

Yikes. Leah McSweeny is so over Ramona Singer’s ‘phony’ behavior on ‘RHONY’. So much so that Leah lashed out at her co-star during the July 30 episode of the series.

Leah McSweeney snapped during the July 30 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, after she caught Ramona Singer trying to give life advice to Sonja Morgan during a spa event. “This is all an act. This is total and utter bulls***, because I have seen firsthand Ramona’s nasty side,” Leah said, as she watched Ramona tell Sonja to cut back on her drinking.

A flashback clip then showed a prior incident, during which Ramona complimented all of the women’s daughters except for Leah’s. In the black-and-white clip, Leah asks, “Not my daughter?” And after Ramona tells her, “I don’t know your daughter,” Leah responds, “That’s disgusting.”

As Ramona and Sonja kept trying to ignore her, Leah added, “She’s a b****, she doesn’t support women, she’s phony and she singles me out.” Leah then turned her attention towards Sonja and said, “You’re one of her best friends, and she treats you like s***. Because that’s Ramona. I’m leaving.”

Later in the episode, after the girls arrived in Cancun, Leah talked to Dorinda Medley and said she was upset with Ramona for talking about her mental health disorder behind her back. “I don’t care about [Ramona’s birthday] party. She’s like saying I showed my vagina to people, which is like demeaning. But like it’s a lie and it’s weird that she’s lying. Whatever, but, when you start talking about like ‘Yeah, that’s depression,’ ‘She’s on pills’, it’s just a line you don’t cross.” Leah admitted that while she’s an open book when it comes to talking about being diagnosed with bipolar ii disorder, she doesn’t like how Ramona is using it against her.

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So after the ladies got settled in Mexico, neither Leah nor Ramona really wanted to interact with the other. But when a drunken Sonja addressed their feud in front of everyone during dinner, they were forced to talk about it. Ramona felt she was owed an apology, while Leah felt she was owed one. Leah asked Ramona to stop talking to people about her vagina, but Ramona said she hasn’t been. In the end, nothing was truly resolved, and Ramona left the conversation early by running off to her room.

This, of course, all happened after last week’s episode, when Ramona tried throwing Leah out of her party for dancing too provocatively. Ramona also broke the fourth wall and begged producers to stop filming because she was so unhappy with how drunk her co-stars had gotten. Oh well — despite their behavior, it doesn’t look like Ramona quit the show after all.

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