Rihanna’s Latest Bikini Pics Are Driving Chris Brown ‘Insane With Desire’

Rihanna’s latest bikini pictures gave Chris Brown ‘Wild Thoughts’! HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned how much he misses his ex-girlfriend and her ‘perfect’ curves.

Even though Chris Brown, 29, and Rihanna, 30, split back in 2009, Chris still thinks of the “Loyalty” singer to this day. Pictures of his ex-girlfriend in a fiery red bikini celebrating her hairdresser Yusef Williams’ birthday – posted by friend Melissa Forde on Aug. 9 – especially served as a reminder of how RiRi’s body has changed since that time. “Chris thinks Rihanna looks good all the time but when he saw these latest pics his jaw dropped,” a source close to Chris shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “She has the perfect hourglass shape right now and it’s all natural. That’s a huge turn on for Chris. He loves that Rihanna is all woman and all natural.”

Chris is most likely referring to how the singer is more “thicc” now, which is how she described herself to British Vogue for its 2018 September issue. But she also admitted to the magazine that she plans to “get back into the gym” and it looks like she followed through with her plans! Whether Rihanna hits the treadmill for a session of HIIT or not, Chris’s attraction will never subside. “Chris will always be attracted to Rihanna and the more time they spend apart, the more he misses and wants her,” our source adds. “Seeing her curves look perfect is driving him insane with desire, he would do anything to be with her again, if even for one night.”

Even asking for one night may be too much. Chris and Rihanna have one of the most turbulent backgrounds of any celebrity couple ever. The “I Don’t Die” singer’s relationship with Rihanna ended in 2009 with an arrest and restraining order after he punched his then-girlfriend in the face and bit her arm, which Chris detailed himself in his 2017 documentary Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life. Almost a decade later and it appears the two are in better standing. Rihanna was especially impressed after a child fainted at Chris’s New Jersey concert on July 18, and the R&B singer rushed to pick him up.  “Rihanna saw the moment with Chris and it was something she was very impressed with because that is the Chris she likes to remember,” a source close to Rihanna shared EXCLUSIVELY with us. The source added that Rihanna knows her troubled ex-lover has a “heart of gold.”

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