‘The Royals’ Recap: Jasper Becomes A Knight & Robert Manipulates Liam

Jasper was knighted during a ceremony honoring King Simon, but that’s not all that went down during the April 22 episode of ‘The Royals.’ Liam suffered heartbreak once again!

Robert and Willow have finally consummated their relationship. This is real and happening, Loyals. Helena wants them to make their first appearance together at an event celebrating King Simon’s legacy. Meanwhile, Kathryn and Liam are trying to figure out how to best handle their relationship, especially when it comes to Robert. Helena shows up unannounced to their breakfast date and demands to speak in private. She stresses that they can’t go public now because Willow and Robert are announcing their engagement. Liam and Kathryn will steal the spotlight. They need to wait a few months before going public.

This event honoring King Simon will also serve as Jasper’s knighting ceremony. Robert gives Jasper a very nice watch and gets in one last jab at Jasper. Now that he’s technically going to be royal, Robert tells Jasper that he better start acting like he belongs here. Who else hates how Robert treats Jasper? Dude needs to chill.

Eleanor is still picking locks and dropping off gifts as London’s Robin Hood. Jasper is not OK with Eleanor’s secret missions. He thinks they’re too dangerous. They fight about it and end up in bed together. At least there’s that!

Helena wants to start Willow’s queen training now. It’s all about the story and the outfits when it comes to announcing Robert’s bride. Helena tells her that she has one sole purpose now — to be Robert’s queen. Willow does end up wearing the outfit Helena picked out when she and Robert announce their engagement to select press. However, instead of the story Helena had crafted, Willow tells the press the truth. She’s just another ordinary girl. Helena is understandably upset. She knows how to be a queen, and Willow isn’t showing any respect or loyalty.  Once Willow learns that her ordinary girl story hasn’t inspired the best reaction, Willow runs to Helena for help.

Eleanor enlists Jasper’s help in finding her father’s pen that Helena wants to put on display at the event. Eleanor accidentally gave it to someone in need. During their adventure, they get stuck in a closet under a staircase. Jasper is feeling a little guilty about being knighted. He doesn’t feel like a hero. “I was a mess when I met you, and now I’m not as messy,” she tells him. Eleanor says Jasper is her hero, and my heart melts into a million pieces. These two crazy kids eventually make themselves known to the couple whose house they broke into so they can get to King Simon’s event. But before they leave, Jasper gives the couple his new Rolex.

Kathryn shows up to the event looking absolutely gorgeous. Liam and Kathryn flirt up a storm before Robert and Willow debut as a couple. The press bombards Willow with questions, so Liam steps in to help by going public with Kathryn. He says some really sweet things about Willow that the press eats up. Helena is actually really proud of Liam for what he did. Robert is a little peeved, but Willow is grateful.

Eleanor makes it back to the event with the pen. The pen means more to this family than we ever thought possible. Simon and Helena used the pen to sign their marriage certificate, the birth certificates of their children, and every major paper during Simon’s reign. The pen isn’t just a symbol of Simon’s legacy, it’s a symbol of Helena’s as well.

At the event, Robert goes up to Kathryn and asks her if she thinks about what their life would have been like if they’d run away together. He says he can’t stop thinking about her. “I’ll be alone tonight,” Robert tells Kathryn. “Come and see me.” Even though she knows it’s wrong, Kathryn tells Robert she’ll be there. NO!!!!!

Things just get worse from there. Kathryn does go to Robert, and they both admit they still have feelings for each other. Liam witnesses it all go down. A heartbroken Liam tells Kathryn to leave. Robert claims that he’s just watching out for Liam. He is just trying to expose Kathryn for who she really is. “I love you, and I’m on your side,” Robert says. Liam apologizes (WTF?) and has a drink with Robert. HOLD UP. Are we just supposed to believe that Robert is a really good actor? Why is Liam not mad at Robert? He said some things Willow would NOT be happy about. I hope this is not another one of Robert’s dirty tricks.

Jasper is knighted, so he’s now officially Knight Commander Jasper Frost. He tells Eleanor that he wants her to keep doing her missions. “You save my life every single day,” he says. He just wants her to be safe. Meanwhile, Cyrus is still in exile at the embassy. He learns from Aston Lang how his actions effected others. When is Cyrus going to find his way back to the palace?!

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