Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor’s Birth Charts Prove They Have An Otherworldly Connection

It’s not unusual to hear couples describe themselves as friends and lovers. They’re communicating that their relationship is rooted in more than just physical attraction—they initially bonded over similar interests and goals before tapping into their romantic feels. In Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor’s case, the evidence of their friendship-backed romance is quite literally written in the stars.

“Sarah’s Sun is in Sagittarius and Holland’s Sun is in Capricorn. These two signs are right next to each other in the Zodiac, and this can indicate friendship is a key component in their relationship,” explains Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer. Their birth charts are packed with indicators pointing to Sarah and Holland’s stellar communication skills and unwavering dedication to one another.

It’s not surprising though that their friendship morphed into something more. “Sarah’s Venus, the planet of attraction, is in Capricorn, which heightens the romantic connection. And Holland’s Mars, the passion planet, is in Sagittarius very close to the degree of Sarah’s Sun,” says Lang. And because Mars and Venus are the planets of romantic interest and sexual chemistry, it’s only natural that they eventually gave into the spark and took their relationship to another level.

And because their relationship is intimate by nature, it’s no wonder the paps constantly capture the couple holding hands and gazing longingly into each other’s eyes. They can’t help it. Their connection is bigger than them and is on track to continue this way. Ahead, Lang breaks down exactly how the couple’s birth charts prove this.

Neptune is the reason for Sarah and Holland’s spiritual connection.

Lang wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah and Holland often experienced emotions at the same time. It’s all because of Neptune’s influence on their relationship. Sarah’s Neptune is positioned at a favorable angle from Holland’s Mercury, and Holland’s Neptune is nicely angled toward Sarah’s Venus. As a result, Lang says this positioning “shows an ability for the couple to talk about anything, including deep personal topics and spirituality. They might feel a psychic connection to one another—almost as if they’re feeling the same feelings.”

Neptune rules creativity. So given how much say the planet has over this relationship, it’s likely that Sarah and Holland often bond over art and inspire one another, says Lang. And considering they’re both actresses, it’s likely they have a healthy influence over the other’s methods whether they realize it or not.

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“Neptune’s influence can make a relationship feel other-worldly, and it’s important for the two to stay grounded in the here and now,” Lang adds. She says taking time to focus on practical day-to-day activities can help with that. “It’s also important that they see one another’s weaknesses as well as strengths. They have heightened sensitivity to one another, and either one will intuit if the other is lying. So, we can guess they have an honest relationship,” Lang explains.

Pluto helps them maintain an open and honest line of communication.

Because of Pluto, Sarah and Holland aren’t afraid to talk about their feelings. And because they share so much, they’re highly protective of each other, says Lang.

“Pluto’s influence shows they came together to do some personal healing through the relationship,” Lang adds. For example, Holland’s Chiron (an asteroid) is in Leo, so it’s likely that Sarah is helping Holland feel more visible in her relationships and express herself without second-guessing herself.

This ability to trust one another is something Lang’s seen proven every time the couple’s been asked to address their 35-year age difference (in most every interview they do). While being open with each other, they’ve had an easier time being open about their relationship in the public space and expanded people’s views on what true love is and looks like.

Saturn proves they are each other’s support systems.

“Sarah’s Saturn, which is the planet of structure and stability, is very close to Holland’s Jupiter, and Holland’s Saturn is also at [a favorable angle] from Sarah’s Jupiter,” says Lang. And because Jupiter is the planet of faith and possibilities, Saturn brings some staying power to Jupiter’s dreams, she adds.

As a result, supporting the other to reach her goals comes naturally to Holland and Sarah. They take the other’s dreams as seriously as they do their own.

Holland’s chart tells Lang that she works toward her goals with enthusiasm, while Sarah, on the other hand, is more practical and might sometimes even dampen her own ideas. Their very different ways of regarding their own goals makes sense considering Sarah’s Saturn is in total opposition from Holland’s Sun. “Sarah’s Saturn influence shows staying power,” says Lang, and Holland’s demonstrates unrestricted drive. Still, because they get each other so well, they know just how to make the other feel heard and supported when she’s working toward something. Lang says they know they can achieve more together than apart.

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