Scorpio October 2020 horoscope: What does October mean for Scorpios?

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October is a month of transformation, starting and ending with a Full Moon! We all feel a little bit more like ourselves when it’s the season of our star sign, so Scorpio is in for a treat when the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23. With the help of Moon Mentor or author of Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles, Kirsty Gallagher, talks you through Scorpios horoscope for October 2020.

Mars is in Retrograde throughout October and half of November, bringing Scorpio uncertainty.

Scorpio was traditionally ruled by Mars and the planet appearing to move backwards throws Scorpio out of control.

Mars is moving through Aries and Scorpio’s work and health sector.

This means you might feel a bit under the weather or the job search may be a little slow.

Mars is the planet of activity and Mars in Aries brings a need to be first and keep moving, so Scorpions will be climbing over these obstacles.

Don’t let bad news get in your way and take care not to waste your energy on petty arguments.

Use the remainder of Libra season to take care of yourself and retreat.

Whether that means staying in, going to a spa, or taking some time off work.

Try not to let other people trigger you, although this may become difficult when the Sun moves into emotional Scorpio on October 23.

You might be feeling frustrated and as if things just aren’t going your way.

Don’t waste your energy – pick your battles and try to stay mellow.

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The first Full Moon happens on October 1, and it’s in fiery Aries.

As a water sign, Scorpio tends to be quite emotional and empathetic, and they hate feeling like someone else is controlling them.

This Aries Full Moon may encourage Scorpio to reassess what they want and don’t want in their lives.

Kirsty said: “This Full Moon in Aries is bringing a powerhouse of dynamic energy calling you into your own needs, power and sense of self – it’s time to shine.

“This fiery first sign of the zodiac is coming in strong to help you to take back complete control of your life and kick start much needed change, especially when it comes to places in your life you have given away your power or lost yourself.

“Under this Full Moon you can gain huge clarity on emotions, beliefs, relationships, identities and everything else that you need to let go of.

“It’s a Full Moon of deep inner healing and allowing old wounds to surface, stuck stagnant energy to start to shift and anything holding you back to be released.”

This Full Moon will force you to see what is healthy and what isn’t in your life.
What do you need to get rid of to achieve your goals?

You’re about to start taking care of yourself… what works for YOU?

Mercury is going into retrograde in Scorpio on October 13 until early November.

During this time, you’re likely to be misunderstood or you may feel unfocussed and as if nothing is going your way.

Keep your cards close to your chest and use this time to plan your next move.

Think about what is serving you well and what isn’t and jot down how you can change that.

Don’t make any moves until Mercury goes direct on November 3- that’s when you get things moving!

This could be really productive for you and you might get more acquainted with what makes you tick.

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The New Moon in Libra occurs on October 16, and the New Moon normally pushes us to start things over again.

Scorpio will feel this intensely, especially with the Sun nearing towards Scorpio.

Kirsty’s book advises: “Use the Libra New Moon to really go inwards and listen.

“This time for deep introspection is key to beginning the new season in a clear and focussed way.”

The Super Moon in Taurus on Halloween is going to be emotional.

Kirsty said: “When a month begins and ends with a Full Moon, we know it’s going to be emotional, illuminating and bring about a lot of much needed change.

“This Full Moon and the entire month is going to help you heal, move on, and regain power that you might have lost.

“October is bringing such an energy of change with it.

“Not only are we really feeling the shift into autumn now but the planetary activity we have going on is also urging us into some deep healing, shifts and changes.

“Having the month begin and end with a Full Moon shows a need for real illumination in your life, an honest check in of where you are.”

A Super Moon is a Full Moon that is closer to the earth, so it looks massive in the sky.

While Taureans will feel this Moon more, Scorpions can still harness its energy.

A Scorpio Sun combined with a Taurus Full Moon will make you feel vulnerable and emotional.

Write down everything that is holding you back or getting you down, and then burn the list under the Full Moon.

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