Social media users complain Valentine's flowers are delivered damaged

‘Thanks for ruining Valentine’s Day’: Angry Twitter users hit out at companies including Moonpig and eFlorist over missing cards, wilted roses and headless flowers

  • Social media users complained after their Valentine’s flowers arrived dead
  • People were left frustrated after some cards failed to be delivered in time 
  • Some joked about their impending divorce after their partners didn’t get a card 

It was supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, but disgruntled shoppers have claimed their Valentine’s Day was something of a flop after their orders turned up with wilted flowers or missing cards. 

Among the companies criticised on social media were Moonpig, eFlorist and Funky Pigeon, with people left frustrated after their flowers arrived wilted, or with the heads falling off. 

Others received cards addressed to the wrong people after a mix up and others joked about an impending divorce after cards didn’t arrive in time. 

Moonpig responded to a lot of the photos, apologising and asking the complainant to DM them with their name and address. 

Yodel, who were tagged in a few of the tweets regarding Moonpig’s flowers, told social media users they are looking into the complaints.  

A Moonpig spokesperson told Femail: ‘We take pride in delighting our customers and go to great lengths to provide an exceptional service to them.

‘While the issues only affect a small number of the overall volume of orders, we take every single complaint seriously and work as quickly as possible to put things right. We are engaging directly with these customers, we know that these orders and the loved ones they are destined for are extremely important.’

Sudesh Loi received wilted white roses among a bottle of prosecco and a box of Thorntons chocolates from Moonpigm and tweeted that he was ‘really annoyed at the condition of the flowers’


Another user shared a photo of their red roses from Moonpig, with one of the heads snapped off in her hand as they said they were ‘poor sad crusty dry dying roses’

Another user shared a photo of their red roses from Moonpig, with one of the heads snapped off in her hand as they said they were ‘poor sad crusty dry dying roses’ 

Claudio compared the photo on eFlorist’s website of what he ordered, and said that he would not get away with claiming that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ 

Another compared the photo on eFlorist’s website of what he ordered compared to the wilted roses which arrived and said ‘thought that counts isn’t it’ as he compared the two

Another said the delivery was ‘appalling’ and that their £26.99 roses from Moonpig were delivered looking ‘broken, wilted, tired’, writing: ‘Thank you for ruining Valentine’s Day!’


Andy said that it was ‘absolutely disgraceful’ and they were ‘expecting nice flowers’ for £35 from eFlorist 


John said that his card from Moonpig didn’t show up and theat his roses were broken in the box 


Paige shared photos of six wilted red roses from eFlorist worth £25 which were delivered looking ‘half dead and nothing like the photo’ according to one Twitter user, who asked ‘how these look anything like the photo advertised?’


Another received a dozen red roses for Valentine’s from her husband for the ‘first time’ and that one of the roses came without a head, and that the flower ‘wasn’t even in the box’ so it wasn’t lost during delivery 

Another user received red roses from eFlorist ‘worth £55’ and was disappointed when they arrived with the flowers ‘broken at the head and bent’ before saying they ‘want their money back’


One Twitter user said that someone else’s Valentine’s Day card, destined for Kent, ended up in Suffolk after it got delivered with her mum’s flowers


Another posted a photo of her roses with a broken stem, which was bent over, while others had completely dried out and were brown. They said they were ‘very excited’ for their delivery until they opened it and saw the flowers


Other users were disappointed when their cards didn’t arrive in time and joked about needing ‘blankets and a pillow’ to sleep on the sofa, or that the failed delivery has ‘ruined their marriage’. One even asked: ‘Will you be paying for any subsequent divorce payouts?’ 

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