Spoilers: Evil Scarlett is back – and she wants revenge on Ned

Ned Willis’ (Ben Hall) worst nightmare is coming true – Scarlett Brady (Whelan Browne) is back in Neighbours and set to terrorise him once again. She wants revenge and Ned is about to walk right into it.

It’s usually a bad idea to post any kind of nudes on the internet, but Ned is about to learn the hard way the problems getting naked on the net can bring.

He’s been pulled in by the lure of easy cash on Fandangle; with costs for the exhibition spiralling the easy resolution is to use his body to earn him some dosh. It seems like a no brainer.

But when he gives in to a request for a naughty video he’ll realise that though it earns him money, it comes at a cost.

After posting the video his superfan freaks Ned out by making reference to Erinsborough; they know where he lives. He laughs it off and pretends he’s just passing through, and is confident he’s got away with it. But nope, Ned has counted his chickens.

He takes Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) on a mini break so they can have some time together and she can shake off the hostage situation. He also wants to use it as an opportunity to confess what he’s been up to. But before he can, his superfan starts texting him. Not only does she know where he is, she wants to meet him.

While Ned begins to panic that something bad is afoot, he has no idea the world of pain that is about to hit him – his biggest nightmare is coming to life in the form of Scarlett making her return. And she’s returned with a word that will send chills through Ned’s bones – revenge.

She has Ned’s intimate video and tries to blackmail him into painting a portrait as a wedding gift for her fiancé. Will Ned be forced to agree?

Scarlett’s return has a huge effect on Ned, he starts to see her everywhere and suffers a nasty nightmare. He admits it to Yashvi, who is worried his PTSD is making a comeback. Ned realises there’s only one thing for it – he has to make a deal with Scarlett.

Scenes air from Monday 5th October on Channel 5.

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