Spoilers: Paul’s Mental health fears and huge school fire in Neighbours

There are literal and figurative fires springing up all over the shop in Neighbours this week. But who’ll be getting their fingers burned?

Zara’s (Freya Van Dyke) bad behaviour knows no bounds as she seemingly takes her revenge on Jane (Annie Jones) one step too far and the result is Erinsborough High on fire. Can anyone stop Zara’s destructive path?!

Not stopping there, Zara starts to fall for someone she can’t have, but a little thing like a long-term relationship won’t get in her way. If she has to break some hearts to get what she wants, she’ll do so.

Levi (Richie Morris) is having a tough time of it when, like the school, his love life goes up in flames. The truth about Freya is out and Levi is crushed. But what will his surprising next move be?

Aaron (Matt Wilson) manages to light a fuse when he makes an enormous life decision without consulting his husband. Is it about to blow up in his face?

And while Paul’s marriage goes up in smoke, his mental health is also at risk of being reduced to ash. Realising the gravity of the situation he’s created; he spirals into a dark place. Will anyone be able to help him?

Here’s what’s ahead on this week’s Neighbours.

Levi loses love (again)

Levi finally sees the cold, hard light of day when he learns that Freya has been manipulating him. He feels like he sucks at finding love and is frustrated he missed all the glaringly obvious signs that something was off. Levi slinks off to try and make himself feel better, but Freya isn’t done with him just yet.

Zara sets her sights on Hendrix

Zara hasn’t had much of a grip on reality since arriving in Erinsborough and that means she’s often seeing what she wants to see. In this case, she starts to believe Hendrix has the hots for her when really it’s all in her head. She finds herself a bit smitten and when Hendrix shows her some attention, she swoons. But she is about to cross a line and leave some people very unhappy indeed.

Huge fire threatens Curtis’ life

Zara is not done with her chaotic phase, particularly when it comes to terrorising poor Jane. With the culmination of Jane getting on her wick, her mum making big plans without her, and wanting but not having Hendrix, Zara does what she does best and acts out again. The staff and students of Erinsborough High are terrified when they discover a raging fire on the school grounds. Curtis is the one to rush in and save the day, but at what cost? Is this all Zara’s doing?

Aaron’s huge baby decision

Aaron has been struggling with the idea of getting close to baby Abigail with the threat that Leo could come back for her at any time. They’ve been through the hurt once, he doesn’t want to have to do it again. He and David can’t see eye to eye on this as David is convinced Leo will come to his senses. Deciding to protect their future, Aaron does something that sends David reeling – he begins legal proceedings for them to adopt Abby. David is beside himself at the thought of taking his brother’s child away from him and is fuming at Aaron’s underhand tactics. How will these two ever see eye to eye over this?

Nicolette fears for the future

Someone who’s been forgotten in all the baby drama is Nicolette. She’s having a tense time of it at no. 32, adjusting to life as a mother of her own baby while now learning to accept someone else’s. She is worried she’ll be left out of the decision making now that there are more people in the mix. She’s scared, but she’s ready to fight to get herself heard.

Paul is on a downwards spiral

Paul’s lies are set to come back to bite him in a bigger way than he could have ever imagined. With the truth out, Terese all but disowns him, and his family are fed up of him too. Paul turns to Karl and Susan for some marriage guidance, but it backfires on him hugely and Terese is further pushed away. She is ready to wipe her hands totally clean of him. As the penny drops for Paul that he’s truly lost everything this time, he sinks deep into depression. What will happen to him?

Levi digs for dirt

Levi is ready to let go of his little fling with Freya now that he’s come to terms with her manipulation. He’s concerned though, there’s no reason for her to leave Erinsborough until she finds what she came for – Gareth. So Levi decides he needs to know more about this mysterious man and does some digging, only to find himself being drawn into a dark world.

Scenes air from Monday February 14 on Channel 5.

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