‘State Of Decay 2’ Opens Technical Beta And Releases Gameplay Launch Trailer

Undead Labs wants to test zombie survival in ‘State of Decay 2’ before it hits the Xbox One and PC.

Undead Labs is gearing up for the release of State of Decay 2 later this month with two interesting bits of news for Xbox One and PC gamers. A gameplay launch trailer has been released that shows how the game is more than just a simple zombie bashing title, though there is plenty of that. Additionally, those interested in trying out the game for themselves can sign up for technical beta but don’t expect to be able to share your exploits.

The State of Decay 2 gameplay launch trailer asks “how will you survive?” and demonstrates how running and gunning is not the sole answer. As with the first game, players will be able to recruit and control multiple characters to build a community to survive the zombie plague ravaging the countryside.

Each character brings something different to the table whether it is the ability to provide medical support, grow food, build structures, or just kill zombies. These characters can also progress through to learn different skills or become even better at what they are good. Just try to keep them alive as they run the risk of permanent death. This makes State of Decay 2 a unique cross between The Sims, a castle defense game, an RPG, and third-person survival shooter.

Those already familiar with the original State of Decay will likely see much that is similar gameplay wise. Many of the same zombie types will return along with many of the same basic mechanics. Undead Labs has spent its time building upon and optimizing the existing formula versus upsetting the apple cart wholesale.

That isn’t to say there is nothing new in State of Decay 2. Characters bitten by certain infected zombies run the risk of being infected with a blood plague themselves. This will require procuring a cure to treat the disease. Additionally, the studio has created three large maps to survive on that are each the same size of the single map from the original title. Finally, Undead Labs has introduced co-op play to the game that allows players to take a character to a friend’s world to help out.

Technical Beta

Those that want to check out these features for themselves before State of Decay 2 launches on May 22 will want to sign up for the technical beta on the game’s official website. This appears to be for PC only, however, and will require answering a short survey and providing information about your gaming rig.

It is also worth noting there is no guarantee you will get in the State of Decay 2 technical beta. Undead Labs will send invites in waves and are looking for a broad range of PC configurations to test the game on.

Xbox Game Pass

State of Decay 2 will be included in the Xbox Game Pass Netflix-like subscription service at launch. Microsoft is currently running a promotion through May 8 to receive a month of the service for only $1. It will cost $9.99 a month afterward.

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