‘Station 19’s Boris Kodjoe Teases A ‘Huge Change’ Is Coming In ‘Grey’s Crossover: It Was ‘Traumatic’

The world of ‘Station 19’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is about to be altered forever. HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Boris Kodjoe about the crossover, and he admitted that there’s a ‘permanent change’ coming.

Someone we love may not make it out of the Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy crossover, airing November 11, alive. An explosion rocks Seattle, and the firefighters of Station 19 race to save lives. The crossover event teaser is ominous and hints that someone is going to die. Ahead of the crossover, HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Boris Kodjoe about this life-changing episode.

“I can share with you that we shot that sequence for about a week, which is a long time to be in one location. We were all the way out somewhere, and we blew up the neighborhood,” Boris told HollywoodLife. “So these fires were based on a gas leak, I can give that away. It was terrible. It was emotional. And it did change the firefighters’ lives forever. It changed our life, really. As actors, really. So it is a big deal. It’s a huge change that was traumatic, and it’s a permanent change. I can say that, so you don’t want to miss it.”

In the midst of all things, Sullivan and Andy are still trying to figure out the future of their relationship. Sullivan finally signed the divorce papers. He said he loved Andy but couldn’t be the only one fighting for their relationship. Just before Andy was about to reveal her feelings, she was called away.

“I hope they’re going to have a chance to really talk it out because that’s what should happen,” Boris said. “When you love each other, you should refuse to give up no matter what. If you found your person, then that’s already a blessing in general, so you should fight for each other. So I’m sure that at some point, they’re going to have a chance to really express themselves and their love for each other.”

Boris revealed whether or not he thinks Sullivan and Andy can really make it work. “It’s more than making it work, though,” he noted. “You want to really fulfill yourself in the relationship, right? You want to be all in and get everything out of it that you want. I think they have to work on themselves first because they came with a lot of baggage. I think they should focus on themselves first and then figure out if they are the person for each other.”

In addition to Station 19, the actor has partnered with Depend and the Prostate Cancer Foundation to promote men’s health. “We wanted to de-stigmatize the conversation around prostate cancer and also recognize those who were fighting the disease,” Boris said. “Right now, the numbers are staggering. One in eight men will be diagnosed. One in four black men. It’s a state of emergency. Unfortunately, especially in the Black community, the men don’t talk about these issues. We don’t want to be vulnerable and open. There are racial disparities that have contributed to that. There’s a lack of access to quality health care, and we need to do a better job in creating the dialogue around prostate cancer and everything that it affects. Again, there’s the tendency for us to think that if we open up, it’s going to be perceived as weak. We have to change that when we talk about incontinence and when we talk about cancer. It’s important that we have periodic checkups, that we have access to early detection, access to care, that we remove the stigma, that we create a forum to discuss these issues if we want to change these numbers because it’s a state of emergency.”

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