Still Wondering When Anthony Hopkins Will Return to Westworld? Uh, Bad News

For you Westworld fans holding out for another appearance from Sir Anthony Hopkins this season — don’t bother. The character of Dr. Robert Ford is officially dead. Yes, this is Westworld, where anything goes, misdirection abounds, and everyone has a robot doppelgänger, but let me remind you of that tight shot of Dr. Ford’s corpse rotting in the sun during the second season premiere. Believe it or not, the image is more than a thematic reflection on the fragility of human life versus the timelessness of technology; the image lays waste to any theories that the doctor is a host or that Hopkins will rise again.

Need more proof?

Executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy confirmed with Entertainment Weekly that Ford definitely dies at the hands of Dolores in the first season finale and that they do not expect Hopkins to return. However, the pair made it clear that we may see Dr. Ford in a different form or played by another actor in flashback.

So if you’re wondering whether we’ll continue to see more of Dr. Robert Ford, then the answer is absolutely!

The second season gives us a version of Robert in the form of a young host, the schoolboy who warns William: “But now you’re in my game. In this game you have to make it back out. In this game, you must find the door. Congratulations, William. This game is for you.” Whereupon the young host is rewarded with a shot to the head just like his adult human counterpart. However, the main takeaway here is that Robert Ford’s influence will play a role throughout the season.

In fact, the following episode, titled “Reunion,” features the doctor’s voice. We even catch a glimpse of his younger self in the glass when Dolores recalls a past moment where Arnold prepares to take her out into the human world. Hopefully, as Dolores becomes more sentient, we’ll gain more opportunities to see past versions of Ford. Unfortunately, though, we must all bid Sir Anthony Hopkins the fondest of farewells.

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