Subway workers on ‘strangest orders’ they’ve ever received from picky customers

The best thing about Subway is you can decide exactly what you want your subs to be like.

From the type of bread, to fillings and sauces, the possibilities are endless.

But with all that free rein, it’s no surprise some customers go a little bit crazy when placing their orders.

On Reddit, fast food workers outlined the “strangest” requests they’ve ever received.

From extra cheesy sandwiches to ciabatta that’s been incinerated in the toaster, the orders are bound to turn your stomach.

So would you order any of these items?

Feel the burn

“Worked the night shift for Subway during college.

“Had a regular come in at 3am usually that would request that we toast the s*** out of his sandwich. I'm talking the whole thing was basically charcoal.

“First time he came in while I was on shift, I pulled his sandwich out of the toaster and he told me to put it back in…and again… and again.

“I thought he was a drunk guy f***ing with me.

“Apparently he really liked the taste of burnt everything. Grossed me out, but as long as he paid I didn’t really care.”


“Had a guy that could barely talk he was so high wanted every sauce on his chicken bacon ranch, it was more soup by the end.

“Then he gets to the register and he remembers he doesn't have any money and walks away.

“My manager actually asked anyone if they wanted it.”

Something fishy going on

“A regular I had years ago would get the seafood, add tuna, add sweet onion sauce, toasted.

“Smelled like death.”

Close call

“An a***hole would always order two footlong flatbread sandwiches right before we officially closed.

“He demanded that we toast each sandwich separately for eight minutes with all of the veggies on it.

“If someone tried to toast them together, he refused to accept it and insisted we start over.

“There was never a manager for the closing shift, so this a***hole just liked to bully whoever was working.”

Raising the steaks

“This one guy used to come into my sub shop at least twice a week.

“Always ordered a steak and cheese with extra, extra ketchup. Except you couldn’t put enough ketchup on it.

“We could use over half a bottle and he would still come back and ask for the bottle because ‘packets took too much time’.”

Salad days

“I worked at a Subway a long time ago and a guy would order two full bags of lettuce on his sandwich every day.

“Imagine two pounds of lettuce on some bread.

“He would order often enough that I knew to go in the back and grab two full bags just for him.”

Say cheese!

“I worked at Subway many years ago.

“There was a couple that would come in semi-regularly and she wanted just a double helping of American cheese on white bread. No veggies, no condiments. Just cheese.

“I never charged her for the extra cheese since I figured the veggies she wasn’t getting offset it.

“Eventually she started asking for more and more cheese until it was easily 10x what came on it.

“She must have been bummed when I quit. That cheese sandwich probably would have cost about $10 if someone who gave a s*** rang it up.”

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