Super fit mother-of-three gives her top tips to stay in shape

Firefighter mother-of-three who exercised throughout pregnancy and worked out the DAY after giving birth says including her children in her gym sessions means she never has an excuse to skip training

  • Helene Vabø Thorsen, 33, from Oslo is exercise enthusiast and mother-of-three
  • Went to the gym only a day after giving birth to her daughter Ella, ten months 
  • Often includes her children in her workout to optimise her time at the gym
  • Helene works two jobs and she gives her top tips on how to stay in shape 

A super fit mother-of-three who works two jobs and went back to the gym one day after giving birth has revealed her secrets to staying in shape – even including her kids in workouts

Helene Vabø Thorsen, 33, from Oslo, is mum to Milla, 12, Markus, 9, and 10-month-old Ella, who she shares with fiancé Christopher, a police officer.

As well as raising her three children, Helene also has an extremely hectic schedule as a full-time personal trainer and firefighter.

The mum has become something of a social media sensation thanks to her high-octane and action-packed Instagram posts (@helenevabo) which feature everything from her family life to workout videos with the kids.

Helene Vabø Thorsen, 33, from Oslo, is an energetic workout-enthusiast and a mother-of-three who loves to include her children in her gym routine. She gives her top tips on how to stay in shape (pictured workout with Ella, 10-months-old)

Helene, who is both a PT and a firefighter, started to exercise again just a day after giving birth to her youngest child. Pictured with her fiance Christopher, daughter Milla, 12, son Markys, nine and Ella

She has had a passion for fitness since she was 16-years-old and spends a lot of time in the gym after falling in love with strength training.

Helene said: ‘When I was 18, I started working as an instructor at my local gym.

‘Then I did schooling at the Norwegian school of sports science.

‘I worked as a PT and coach from 2005 and also a Nordic trainer for Les Mills.

Helene, who became a CrossFit enthusiast after discovering the discipline in 2013, loves to include Ella (pictured) and her other children into her workouts 

‘And in 2013 I discovered CrossFit, which was a complete game-changer for me.’

Helene launched her Instagram account in 2012 and now regularly posts workout inspiration videos – many of which include her adorable kids.

She said: ‘I was alone with my oldest children for two years so I understood that if I was going to be in good shape, I had to bring them with me. And things just escalated.

‘The best thing is that I can always work out and there is never an excuse.

‘And of course, my kids will learn that exercising is a lifestyle.’

Even as an expectant mother, Helene remained true to her working out schedule and exercise almost daily 

With Ellie born at the start of the year, Helene, who is a PT, wasted no time in getting her youngest to the gym

The mother-of-three said she had a list of exercises that she could do if Ella wanted to sit on her at the gym

The fitness buff says her children are big fans of exercising too.

She said: ‘Milla loves horses and goes to horse training twice a week.

‘Markus has just changed from gymnastics to parkour and I think my husband Chris wants baby Ella to do motocross when she’s old enough.’

Helene herself works out for at least one hour a day and maintains a healthy diet which typically includes porridge for breakfast, bread rolls with some kind of ham for lunch and meat or fish with rice or potatoes and vegetables or salad for dinner.

The mum says that anyone can work out with their kids and suggests even incorporating bits of baby equipment into your set.

Even outside of the gym, Helene is an active lady who bikes, runs and enjoys pumping iron in all kinds of setting 

Milla (pictured) and Markus also get involved, and the whole family is fond of sports in all its forms 

Just like mum! 12-year-old Milla shows off her strength by practicing weights at the gym during a workout session

On top of her job as a PT, Helene puts her strength to the service of her community by working as a fire fighter 

She said: ‘I use a pushchair in some of my workouts or have the baby in my arms for others.

‘But most often, my youngest sits in her stroller or tumbles around on the floor.

‘Air squats, lunges, step-ups, ring-exercises like ring row, dips, etc, and dumbbell exercises work perfectly with the baby when she wants to sit on me.

‘Just avoid quick movements that make their head unstable and of course, avoid any risk for them to have weights on their heads, etc.

Helene, who loves to practice a variety of sports, including weight lifting, started to exercise just a day after giving birth to her youngest child 

Milla loves horses, and Mark is interested in parkour: The whole family (pictured without Ella) are sports enthusiasts to the core!

The active mother-of-three revealed she was used to incorporating her children equipment and Ella’s stroller to her routine, pictured 

‘I don’t really do heavy weight lifting as that could put my kid at risk of being injured.’

As for her personal favourite exercises to do with kids, Helene recommends circuit training which includes running for 400 meters, rowing, reverse lunges and pushups to name a few.

She added”: ‘My oldest two kids also enjoy riding their bikes with me while I do my running sessions with Ella in her stroller.’

Helene maintained regular workouts during all her pregnancies and dismisses any suggestion that it could be harmful to her or her baby.

Every outing is an occasion for Helene to work out. Here she is pulling Ella in a trolley with her bike 

Helene said she was happy that Milla and Markus were learning that fitness is a lifestyle by training with her 

When she was pregnant with Ella, Helene, pictured with her children, focused on strengthening her core and pelvis ahead of the delivery 

She said: ‘I’m educated about this and I know that it’s good for the baby and for the mum.’

Helene recommends pregnant women exercise their whole body doing large movements that feel good.

The mum added: ‘Focus on the core – pregnant core training such as contraction, control, including the pelvic floor.

‘I loved doing 25 min circuits with kettlebell swing, burpees, steppes, air squats, dumbbell snatches during pregnancy.’

Incredibly, Helene admits that she got straight back into working out just one day after giving birth to her youngest child.

Helene said that exercises that focused on the core were the best to practice when keeping an eye on a baby (pictured)

For other women getting back into working out after giving birth, Helene, pictured with Ella, recommended to start small and build up

Mother-daughter gym duo! Ella loves when her mother takes her to the gym. She said it was best to start early and small

Pictured doing some rope exercises with her son Markus. Helene said waiting and then hitting the gym hard was not the most efficient way to train after a pregnancy 

Helene with her eldest daughter Milla. The gym enthusiast recommended circle training which includes running for 400 meters, rowing, reverse lunges and pushups to name a few

She said: ‘She came on a Thursday, we went home on Friday and that evening I did some exercises in my living room with a band.

‘I was back at the gym on Monday.

‘I started pretty chill, just doing simple exercises. My body is so used to being active so it’s actually painful to not be doing anything.’

However, for other women who are starting to get back into workouts after giving birth, Helene recommends starting small and building up.

She added: ‘It’s better to start small and early than to wait and go big.

‘Start with the small core/pelvic exercises, add a band; rowing, face pulls, small air squats, and increase slowly.’

Helene revealed she kept exercising during all her pregnancies and dismiss the fact it could be harmful to babies

Pictured: Helene, with Milla and Christopher and Markus during a family holiday in the sun, before Ella was born 

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