T.I. ‘Hurt’ Over Tiny’s ‘Immature Move’ Unfollowing Him On Instagram: Will He Retaliate?

After T.I.’s alleged affair with Asia’h Epperson, Tiny unfollowed him on Instagram! Turns out, he’s NOT too happy about it, and feel it’s a sign she’s done for good. Get the EXCLUSIVE details here!

Tiny, you’ve got T.I.’s attention now! As a result of T.I.’s butt slapping incident with Asia’h Epperson, Tiny has completely shut him out. In fact, she even unfollowed him on Instagram. “T.I. thinks it was an immature move by Tiny to unfollow him, it’s just childish. But, it still hurts him. He’s very bothered by it because he feels like it means she’s shutting her heart to him. That scares him, it really does,” a source close to the “Whatever You Like” rapper tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “But, he’s not going to let her see she got to him and he’s not going to retaliate,” our insider added.

“He’s keeping his cool right now and letting her have her space to cool out,” the source continued. While we can understand T.I.’s decision to give his estranged wife some space, we think he might want to do a little bit more than that considering she’s pretty close to finalizing their divorce. As many of you may know, Tiny has filed for divorce from T.I. twice. Once in 2016 and again in 2017, but she hasn’t gone through with it since they seemingly worked things out. However, now that Asia’h is in the picture, Tiny is reconsidering.

“Tiny is feeling the pressure from friends and family to finalize her divorce with T.I., but she can’t help but drag her feet with the whole process. Those close to her are trying to convince her that the healthiest thing for the kids [Clifford, Major, and Heiress], and T.I. is to get the divorce over and done with so they can all move on,” a different source explained to HL EXCLUSIVELY. I guess we will have to see how this all plays out.

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