Tamar Braxton Admits She Didn’t Talk To Her Family For ‘2-3 Months’ After Explosive Fight & Therapy

Reality television isn’t always pretty – especially when dealing with your family members on camera! The Braxton sisters spoke to HL EXCLUSIVELY about season six of ‘Braxton Family Values.’

With explosive past drama on Braxton Family Values, it didn’t look so great for the family, who erupted in fights during a therapy session. At the Braxton Family Values red carpet for season six, Tamar Braxton, 46, Traci, 47, and Trina, 44, spoke HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about the upcoming season and the aftermath from last season’s drama. Tamar told HL “it was like two or three months” in which she didn’t speak to her family after they did therapy together for the show.

“It was a long time but first of all we needed some breathing room,” Tamar, most recent winner of Celebrity Big Brother, told HL EXCLUSIVELY. “There was a lot of stuff that happened. I feel like we were all waiting for each other to call each other because no one really wanted to make the first move. People wanted to test the waters and see what was going on. And it was really for the best! It got us all to really appreciate everything that we really have.”

Tamar’s sister Traci teased that in the next season, she’ll be more vocal for herself. “Sometimes I would get to a place where I didn’t want to confront the issue because I didn’t want my sisters to be upset with me and at the same token I am my own woman,” she said. “I am a grown woman with a family and I have a grandchild. I have to think about what I need to do in life as an entrepreneur and I need to help take care of my family you understand… So you saw a lot of that tug of war and there was a lot of resentments that were tested and still protested… But I will be presenting myself differently this season.”

Trina, another Braxton sister, revealed that season six will  “be therapeutic at times and wild at times and sad at times and its going to be happy at times. I mean it is a roller coaster and that is what family is… Its a roller coaster. Good, bad, right and wrong or indifferent!”

The family’s big fight came during a counseling session with life coach Iyanla Vanzant – while therapy is definitely a useful way to communicate, it brought a lot of negative feelings to light. But hopefully, the family has since addressed those issues, and will come together with those issues resolved next season. We’ll find out more about just what happens next with the Braxton family on April 4 – season six of Braxton Family Values returns at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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