Tater Tot and Cheez Whiz Pizza: Good or Gross?

This pizza isn’t for the faint of heart. A variation of the Italian staple called the Famous Chili Bomb Pie, which is sold at Grinders Pizza in Kansas City, Missouri, takes a traditional pizza and tosses on tater tots, Cheeze Whiz, chili and green onions, because, why not?

According to a recent Food Insider video, the team at Grinders will throw these heavy toppings in the middle of any pie you want, so there’s an opportunity to craft an even more heart-stopping creation by adding extra items such as pepperoni or sausage.

And though it might not seem like it, the Famous Chili Bomb Pie, which comes with a “may need a defibrillator” note on the restaurant’s menu, is actually one of its most popular menu items. In fact, the eatery goes through an estimated 19,000 pounds of Cheez Whiz per year, a clear sign this calorie-heavy meal is quite a hit with customers.

“Grinders presents not just good food, but a dining experience,” Stretch, the restaurant’s owner tells the outlet. “When you’re presented with a chili bomb – it takes a small truck and a kid and a hydraulic lift or a forklift to bring that thing in – it’s really overwhelming.”

Overwhelming as it may be, Stretch says his customers can’t get enough of the “awesome” Famous Chili Bomb Pie, but not everyone feels the same way. Check out some spirited social media reactions to this loaded pizza below:

Tell Us: Would you try a Famous Chili Bomb Pie?

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