Taylor Swift New York Apartments; Taylor Swift $50 Million NY Real Estate

In case you didn’t know already, Taylor Swift really, really loves New York, and her latest apartment purchase proves it.

Taylor proved her ongoing love for the Big Apple by buying even MORE real estate around her Tribeca block. Sources confirm that Tay just bought a second floor apartment on Franklin Street, where she already lives/owns property, for $9.75 million dollars. That makes her total amount spent for property on the same NYC block $47.7 million dollars. That sounds like an insane amount of money to most of us, but when you think about it, it’s basically pocket change to Taylor!

In the same warehouse-turned-luxury condo, Taylor already owns the two top floor units that she actually combined to make a penthouse that measures 8,000 square feet. Those two units totaled almost $20 million. And fun fact, they were previously owned by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.

The building on Franklin has had quite a few celebrities previously living there, including Aziz Ansari, Steven Soderbergh, and Orlando Bloom.

Just next door, Taylor also owns an $18 million dollar three story townhouse that is equipped with a “paparazzi proof” garage. Guessing that’s come in handy more than once for Tay and friends…

So what is Taylor planning on doing with all this property in the same block? Sleeping in a different room every night? Getting her interior decorating game up? Filling it with new brothers and sisters for Meredith and Olivia?!

Whatever Taylor is planning on doing with all the extra space, one thing is for sure: This woman is playing a fierce real estate game!

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