Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Aldi: Cheapest supermarket in the UK

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The vast majority of Britons do their weekly shops at one of the UK’s major supermarkets. Which? has revealed the cheapest option where Britons can save the most money.

It analysed the prices during July comparing a shop of 85 items.

This included food, drinking and household essentials.

The comparison also included pasta, eggs and teabags from own brands. It also included branded products like Hovis.

So, which supermarket is the least and most expensive?

UK supermarkets ranked least to most expensive

  • Aldi – £78.50
  • Lidl – £79.46
  • Asda – £88.29
  • Tesco – £98.48
  • Morrisons – £99.30
  • Sainsbury’s – £103.26
  • Ocado – £117.85
  • Waitrose – £122.47

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There is a difference of £43.97 between the most and least expensive shop.

But what about for a larger shop?

Which? also analysed a shopping trolley packed with 167 items (the original 85 plus 82 more).

It included more branded items, like Branston baked beans, meaning the cheaper supermarkets and Aldi and Lidl weren’t included.

UK supermarkets ranked least to most expensive for large shops

  • Asda – £271.03
  • Sainsbury’s – £278.06
  • Morrisons – £278.20
  • Tesco – £281.35
  • Ocado – £311.08
  • Waitrose – £312.28

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Since July 10, covering up in shops has been a requirement in Scotland.

Shoppers in England have needed to wear a face covering since July 24.

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