The 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists Are Delightfully Seal-y

The world feels like complete panda-monium right now. But thanks to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, we can all take a brief break from the news cycle and focus on otter things — like pictures of animals being complete goofballs.

The annual contest, which recognizes the funniest images of animals out in the wild across the globe, announced its 2020 finalists on Thursday — and the pictures do puffin short of making one howl.

Of this year’s 44 finalists, there’s a rebellious kingfisher, a lighthearted langur and a turtle with one shell of an attitude. If you happen to find one of these images really furry — er, funny, you can vote for it in the “People’s Choice” category on the contest’s website. Winners will be announced on Oct. 22.

And if you want even more photos of wild animals being, well, wild, check out HuffPost’s stories about the 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 contests.

Otherwise, scroll on down and enjoy laughing until you’re horse.



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