‘The Challenge’: Fans Warn Zach That Tony Can’t Be Trusted With Shocking Throwback Clip

Zach has made it clear that he considers Tony his biggest ally on ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning,’ but many fans are using this throwback clip from ‘Vendettas’ to point out that Zach shouldn’t be so trusting. Watch here!

On the upcoming Oct. 1 episode of The Challenge: Final ReckoningZach and Amanda are in the power position after winning the last challenge. Based on a sneak peek clip, though…they have a BIG problem: Amanda is gunning to get Johnny Bananas and Tony out of the game, but Zach refuses to vote Tony in. His reason? On The Challenge: Vendettas, Tony helped him automatically get a spot in the final by not putting him up for elimination in the last challenge before the final.

However, fans remember that things went a little bit differently on Vendettas than Zach may remember. After all, it wasn’t just Tony’s decision to save Zach from elimination. At the time, he was in the power position with Cara Maria and Kailah, and it was actually the girls who decided to put Brad, Leroy and Kyle up for elimination, therefore earning Zach a spot in the final. To make this point, one fan put clips from both Final Reckoning and Vendettas together to show Zach why he might not want to trust Tony as much as he does.

“You’re telling me right now that TONY RAINES is going to vote me in?” Zach asks Amanda in the Final Reckoning preview. “The same Tony Raines who RAN Vendettas with me? I’ll put every dollar in my bank account that he will NEVER say my name.”

Well, Tony certainly wanted to say Zach’s name on Vendettas. “Zach is my best competition out here,” he said in the throwback video. “Now is the move to make to get him out of here, or at least throw him into elimination.” Lucky for Zach, Cara and Kailah both wanted the opportunity to pair up with him in the final if it came down to that, so they weren’t willing to vote him in. Now, that move might just be what saves Tony’s butt on Final Reckoning — but we’ll have to wait until the episode airs at 9:00 p.m. on Oct. 2 to find out!

Interestingly, Tony himself even took to Twitter to admit he might not be the most trustworthy player. “Amanda has basically sacrificed herself for Ashley to go to a final before and given my recent track record, I know why people wouldn’t trust me,” he wrote. “There’s so much to this that 280 characters can’t cover it all, just tune in…” He also teased that he’ll be doing an Instagram Live after tonight’s episode to explain his side further.

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