‘The Crown’ star Emma Corrin ‘nervous’ to run into a member of the royal family

The cast of critically acclaimed series “The Crown” recently came together to discuss the new season and just how awkward it would be to run into an actual member of the royal family.

“I’d be quite nervous,” said Emma Corrin during the group “Today” show appearance. “I think it’d be a bit like running into an ex at a party.”

Corrin will make her debut during Season 4 as Princess Diana, sharing with Variety that she was offered the part during a chemistry read with Josh O’Connor, who plays Prince Charles. After landing the role, director Benjamin Caron warned the 24-year-old budding star that her life could possibly parallel Diana’s in many ways.

“Ben said to me if you ever get followed by a photographer, or your name ends up in the paper, when you’re surrounded by flashing lights, and you feel daunted or overwhelmed or anything you feel, this is exactly how she would be feeling. You’re going to have a parallel experience,” Corrin says. “[The show] already has changed my life quite a lot, and I expect when it comes out, things will get a little mad for a bit.”

The young star also reveled in portraying the socialite before she joined the royal family, as an early Season 4 episode finds the future princess hitting the London club scene with her girlfriends.

“It was wonderful to take her back to that time. When she met Charles for the first time, it was just that she had a crush, and that’s all I had to play,” she says. “It’s something I can so relate to, that thing of not wanting them to see you, but obviously really wanting them to see you, and how you’re going to relive what happened a million times in your head after.”

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