The love of my life's family broke us up as we are from different cultures

DEAR DEIDRE: THE family of the man I love made him finish with me because they believe he should be with a girl from their own culture.

I am 24. He is 27 and his Pakistani-background family are putting pressure on him to find a wife.

The trouble is I still love him. He is the most significant person in my life. We talk a lot through Facebook and he says he misses me.

The connection we had was magical and still is. I know I will never find it again. He says he loves me.

He also says we are best friends but can we really be mates if we love one another?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your ex probably feels very torn but he has a choice. If he really loved you enough he could stand up to his family.

It’s easy for him to talk about being best friends but that just keeps you hooked when you need to move on.

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