The Only Thing More Dramatic Than That Bachelor Finale Is Madison Prewett’s Long Lashes

I watched the entire season of The Bachelor and by the end of it, I didn’t know a single thing about Madison Prewett. I could easily blame all of the show contestants' limited vocabulary about going on journeys and being blindsided. Or the fact that Pilot Pete is so boring he doesn’t know how to have a conversation that incites interest, meaning, or personality. But instead I’d like to formally blame her incredibly long lashes that were so distracting, at times I thought I was maybe watching this season in 3D.

The thing is, I’m not entirely sure Madison Prewett from The Bachelor knows how to use mascara. Either that or she prefers to empty out an entire tube on each eye. Her lashes are clumpy, thick and a mile long. They’re  nostalgic in that they’re reminiscent of Twiggy. But some might even say they’re ahead of the curve. In Milan, Gucci models walked down the runway with runny mascara and the brand’s latest beauty campaign features clumpy mascara that’ll stain your pillow. But above all that, Prewett’s lashes are just like what The Bachelor season finale Chris Harrison promised us: incredibly dramatic. 

Madison Pewett from the bachelor uses this mascara

Of course every time Prewett was on screen, I, along with the rest of the internet, needed to know what mascara she used. Personally I like dramatic long lashes and admired Prewett’s ability to have the most dramatic long lashes that have ever starred in reality TV. Those lashes didn’t just steal Peter’s heart, they politely stood up to Peter’s mom Barb as she attacked Prewett on live television. If only my lashes had such strength. 

Thankfully, during one of the last getting-ready montages, Prewett was seen applying Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara, which is only $9 and is one of the most popular drugstore mascaras around. All of our prayers had been answered (except maybe hers). And while her and Peter officially announced their breakup, two days after getting back together, Prewett and her lashes seem to be doing fine. They were even spotted shopping for board games with Selena Gomez at Target. 

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